All Hermès AirTags are unavailable, possibly because of quality problems

All Hermès AirTags are unavailable, possibly because of quality problems

Apple sells the costly Hermès AirTag, available in multiple configurations, for prices that are enough to make your eyes water. Or at least, it did. All of the Hermès AirTags are now unavailable for order and nobody is saying why that is.

Given the fact I can’t imagine Apple has sold out, given the prices, it seems more likely that an issue is the reason these things are no longer available – and that’s something that’s backed up by a new 9to5Mac report which notes some users have experienced quality issues with the Hermès AirTag Key Ring.

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Priced at $349, the Hermès AirTag Key Ring is a looker, but according to one reader it isn’t very good at staying in one piece – and Apple isn’t swapping faulty units out.

The story according to the unnamed user:

I pulled my keys out of my pocket and was surprised to find only the Hermes Airtag and its strap in my hand. Not exactly confidence inspiring. It had had a posh life, with no notable stress or harm. At first I thought it had just come undone but, upon closer examination, it was clear that the bottom of its metal post had unscrewed, at some point, and eventually separated.

I called AppleCare and, after confirmation of the issue, I was told to take it into a nearby flagship store for repair or replacement. The representative had confirmed a replacement was in-stock before scheduling an appointment for me. But, today, one day later, the Apple store app showed the Hermes keychains as unavailable and, when I arrived in the store, I was told they didn’t have any in stock, nor could they order one. My only options were to return it or to take it to Hermes to see if they could repair it.

That doesn’t instill confidence and it could be one of the reasons Apple isn’t selling the Hermès AirTags right now. Who knows when they’ll return to the Apple Store. In the mean time, can I suggest you check out our collection of the best AirTag accessories instead?

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