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All the clothes are worn out.. Do you know what to say if you do it right?.. The actress shared the secret about silk..

Silk Smitha made her debut in Tamil with the 1980 film “Vandichakkaram”. Mih flew the flag as the glamorous maiden of cinema. She became a leading actress not only in Tamil but also in Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi languages.

He captivated the fans with his charm and magnetic eyes. After this, she appeared in many movies as a beauty. At one point Silk Smitha emerged as a very influential actress. Silk Smitha held a special place in the hearts of fans. His use of photography led to youth crowds flocking to theaters for the film.

silk smith

Even though there are unnecessary criticisms about her, all those interviewing about Silka are tormented by saying that no one has ever seen an actress like Silka.

In that way famous actress Sulakshana also said a few things about Silk Smitha. He said that Silk is a child model to deal with and no one can use that amount in model dressing and he has a perfect body.

And he will choose his clothes himself. Even though he is not well educated, he is very careful in his dressing sense. In this state, apart from shooting, he does not worry about anything while sitting at leisure.


All the clothes are worn out. Sulakshana will put a towel on top and tell you to sit. Silk would be fine for that, he would say in a small way that if you look at it, let it go. Sulakshana said this in an interview.

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