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Alphacool Apex Stealth – Igor’s Lab performed a controversial test that received wide attention in the industry

Alphacool Apex Stealth - Igor's Lab performed a controversial test that received wide attention in the industrySome computer hardware enthusiasts certainly know the Igor’s Lab website, run by Igor Wallossek. However, for those who do not know this person, he is one of the most respected reviewers of electronic equipment who has been operating in the industry for almost 50 years. However, as it turns out, even such a reliable source may have its shortcomings, as the exclusive test published two months ago is probably incorrect.

More than 2 months ago, Igor’s Lab published an exclusive test of Alphacool Apex Stealth fans, which heralded a revolution in the cooling of computer cases and coolers. However, the review turns out to be full of errors, as Der8auer loudly points out.

Alphacool Apex Stealth – Igor’s Lab performed a controversial test that received wide attention in the industry

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At the beginning, it is worth noting that the author of the Alphacool Apex Stealth test on the Igor’s Lab website is not Igor Wallossek, but his employee Pascal Mouchel. So far, it is not known why Mr. Mouchel used the name and surname of the editor-in-chief. It is also worth emphasizing that the testing procedure for the new fans used, among others, 25 mm, 45 mm and 60 mm thick radiators. According to Igor’s Lab, the tested units had twice the air flow of fans Noctua NF-A12x25 while increasing the volume only by half. The mentioned portal hailed this model as a revolution, and Alphacool began to promote its new product these tests. Two months later, Der8auer conducted his tests of this model, which, however, shed a slightly different light on their performance. As the enthusiast explains, the delay between his tests and Igor’s Lab was due to the delay in deliveries of new fans from the manufacturer.

Alphacool Apex Stealth - Igor's Lab performed a controversial test that received wide attention in the industry [2]

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In his test, Der8auer showed not only that the mentioned fan is inferior to the Noctua NF-A12x25 unit, but mounted on a tower radiator Noctua NH-U12A caused thermal throttling of the processor Intel Core i9-13900KS. The Maximum Turbo Power (PL2) factor was set to 250 W in the test, but the CPU lowered it to 215 W due to temperature. In the end Alphacool Apex Stealth They turned out to be good and quiet fans, but by no means revolutionary, except for the construction of the fan frame, which is completely metal. A few days later, tests were also published by other reviewers who, to a greater or lesser extent, confirmed Der8auer’s reviews. Even though the enthusiast did not find any evidence and even firmly denied that he suspected Igor Wallossek’s website of rigged tests, Alphacool quietly stopped promoting the Igor’s Lab review. However, this caused some controversy, as the German brand either had not previously tested the product itself (which would be extremely strange) or deliberately used an incorrect and favorable review to promote pre-orders of its new fans.

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As it turns out, however, Igor Wallossek did not stand aside and officially criticized his employee. The editor-in-chief also published statement, in which he assured that the tests would be carried out again by another employee and stated that the irregularities in the review resulted from errors in carrying out measurements and processing data. Despite this, Pascal Mouchel published his statement in which he does not admit to the mistakes made and tries to change the narrative that the statement “revolution” concerned the already mentioned metal frame and the structure of the fan itself. He tries to present that it is a special material that absorbs vibrations, which is why Apex Stealth fans do not need rubber pads. However, this is contradicted by the words written in the text of the review. As Igor Wallossek himself later stated, it is ordinary brass, although it is actually characterized by vibration damping, but tests show that it is only 2.5%. Later in the video below, we can see how Der8auer points out Pascal Mouchel’s words step by step.

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As reported by the KitGuru website, Pascal Mouchel was employed at Alphacool after the publication of the above-mentioned tests and is currently on a trial period there. At the same time, the German brand of computer accessories has not yet issued a statement on the matter. However, an additional problem that arises in solving this case is the fact that all chats and documents between Pascal Mouchel and his current employer have disappeared. Ultimately, the disastrous test at Igor’s Lab resulted in a large number of pre-orders, which are now available Der8auer review are being canceled rapidly.

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