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Amazon announces Matter update for Echo devices starting in December


The much-awaited Matter smart home standard is starting to trickle to more devices. Amazon is the latest manufacturer to announce that the Matter update to select Echo devices is coming in December. This is part of an initial release that focuses on Android devices while support for iOS is expected next year.


  • Amazon to release an update to add Matter to Echo devices for Android in December.
  • Only 17 Echo smart displays, hubs, and speakers are eligible with the initial rollout. 
  • Amazon plans to support iOS, Thread, and more Echo devices next year.

Amazon says that the rollout next month covers 17 Echo smart speakers, hubs, and displays that will be updated to add Matter over Wi-Fi. It also mentions that the Thread protocol is not part of this update. At the same time, it is only compatible with Android while accessories will be limited to smart plugs, smart bulbs, and smart switches.

Once updated these Echo devices can serve as Matter controllers. Users will be able to set up Matter-enabled accessories to the Amazon Alexa app. Below is the list of the first batch of Echo devices that are scheduled to receive the update:

  • 5th gen. Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock
  • 4th gen. Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Dot with Clock
  • 3rd gen. Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Dot with Clock
  • 2nd gen. Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8
  • 3rd gen. Echo Show 10
  • Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8
  • Echo Studio
  • Echo Input
  • Echo Flex
  • Echo Plus v2

Similar to the partnership made by Google and Samsung, Amazon is also teaming up with the latter brand in providing cross-platform operation when setting up Matter devices. For instance, the added smart devices to Amazon will appear in the connected Samsung SmartThings app where users can easily sync these devices.

Amazon adds that support for iOS is delayed and expected to arrive next year due to the necessary APIs which are not yet available. In addition, the retail giant aims to introduce Thread protocol and expand the Matter standard to more Echo devices and smart accessories at the same period.


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