Home Android News Amazon announces more layoffs, now in its Web Services (AWS) subsidiary

Amazon announces more layoffs, now in its Web Services (AWS) subsidiary

Amazon announces more layoffs, now in its Web Services (AWS) subsidiary


We do not know the figures, but we do know that Amazon Web Services (AWS) will adjust its workforce to optimize resources

Amazon announces more layoffs, now in its Web Services (AWS) subsidiary
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It has been a long time since the giants technology They try to calm the world about the importance of AI in employmentalthough the only reality currently is that uncertainty continues to grow in a context in which precisely It is the big technology companies that have the most mass layoff programs are proposing at a global level.

To show a button, or several, well Twich began the year by laying off 35% of its staff while Google has made various restructurings in recent months and even Amazon has fired hundreds of workers of its video game division.

This time, the Seattle shopping giant repeats as the sad protagonist, and according to the CNBC the leaders of Amazon They would have already communicated another round of layoffs through which They will significantly cut the Amazon Web Services workforcewhich is its cloud services subsidiary.

And that indeed Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to lead its market after several difficult quarters, in which The company has recorded a drop in its business volumereducing sales as the market matured and its customers cut spending on cloud services.

Apparently, they will again be hundreds of employees at a global level those affected, especially in sales, marketing and global services departmentsas well as some employees of the technological part in Amazon’s physical stores.

We have identified some specific areas of the organization that we need to optimize to continue focusing our efforts on the key strategic areas that we believe will generate maximum impact. We do not make these decisions lightly and are committed to supporting employees as they transition into new roles within and outside of Amazon.

As you will see, Amazon itself recognizes this massive employment adjustment indicating that many employees will be relocated to other areas and not laid off, seeking to optimize their operations focusing efforts on the strategic areas of the company’s business.

In any case, we know that Amazon had confirmed the elimination of cashierless payment systems in stores Cool that it has in the United States, and this technology was backed by the AWS teams that oversaw the operation both of the functionalities Just get out like smart carts Dash and payment technology amazon one.

Today Amazon is one of the 10 largest companies in the world in all likelihood, and yet from 2022 the Seattle giant has laid off more than 27,000 employees in all areasa frightening figure that represents the largest number of layoffs in the shortest time in its entire history.

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