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Amazon’s best-selling mobile this week is from Xiaomi, it has 256 GB and a 100 MP camera

In addition, it costs less than 200 euros, making it one of the most recommended purchases for tight budgets.

Amazon's best-selling mobile this week is from Xiaomi, it has 256 GB and a 100 MP camera
The Rddmi Note 13 with 4G connectivity is one of the most basic and powerful terminals that the Chinese manufacturer has for sale

Are you looking for a new mobile, with a short lifespan since its launch and is it cheap? If we look at the entry range on Android We will see many terminals of this cut. However, if you want something that lasts longer with very good performance, you should take a look at the Xiaomi Redmi Note family.

In this catalog, the new Redmi Note 13 4G has been placed as the best-selling smartphone of the week on Amazon. And not in just any version, but in the one that comes with 256 GB internal memorythe top configuration. This model has a official price of 249.99 eurosbut you can usually buy it for a few 180 euros on Amazon and also on AliExpress.

Redmi Note 13 4G

Redmi Note 13 4G

Get a good Android terminal with a big battery and a decent camera for less than 200 euros

best selling mobile phones amazon

This week Xiaomi once again ranks as the firm that sells the most mobile phones on Amazon

This device not only benefits from the capabilities of competent hardware, but is also updated with the latest version of Android 14which gives it a significant advantage in terms of functionality and security.

The Redmi Note 13 4G has an elegant design and a plastic construction and 8 mm thickness only, that it conveys a feeling of quality in this price range. With a 6.67-inch Amoled screen, a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a maximum brightness of 1800 nitsIt offers a fluid and clear visual experience, ideal for both multimedia consumption and daily browsing.

The Samsung HM6 108 MP main camera It is one of the strong points of the device, offering detailed photographs with good color reproduction. Additionally, the triple camera setup is complemented by a 8 MP wide angle and a 2 MP macro lenswhich adds more versatility. We must not forget the 16 MP selfie camera signed by Omnivision.

Redmi Note 13 4G screen

The panel of this Redmi Note 13 4G is brutal for its price

On the other hand, inside we have the ProcessorSnapdragon 685 It guarantees solid performance, capable of handling everyday tasks and some games with moderate demands without problems. Combining 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage It provides the space and speed necessary for a more than remarkable user experience. Besides, internal memory can be expanded scam microSD cards.

Regarding the battery, the Redmi Note 13 4G has a 5000 mAh capacitywhich ensures more than enough autonomy to reach the second day after charging with enough battery. The 33W fast charging It gives you a great percentage of battery in just a few minutes.

Redmi Note 13 4G

Redmi Note 13 4G

The update to Android 14 brings with it significant improvements in terms of accessibilitywith larger font scaling options and display adjustments for users with specific visual needs. If you want to look at other options good and cheap mobile phonesyou eating take a look at these: the POCO M6 Pro for 199 euros with 512 GB of memory and 67 W charging, or the HONOR 90 Lite for 185 euros with 5G connectivity and 100 MP camera.

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