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Ambati Rayudu: Is Pawan Kalyan Joining Party?- Ambati Rayudu Video Going Viral

Indian team and I.P. Ambathi Rayudu, who retired from playing for teams like Mumbai and Chennai in the L series, entered politics and joined Andhra Pradesh’s ruling party Jaganmohan Reddy a week ago.

Ambathi Rayudu announced his resignation from the party as fast as he joined. After that there were reports that he was going to join actor Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena party.

Ambati Rayudu, Jaganmohan Reddy

In this case, Jana Sena Party leader Pawan Kalyan has posted a post on his social media page sharing photos of his personal meeting. In the post he published, he said, “I have come into politics to serve the people of Andhra Pradesh. I have visited many villages and met people and done my social work to solve their problems.

When I joined the YSR Congress Party I believed that I could achieve my goals. But I understood that the goals could not be achieved due to some reasons. My ideologies and the ideologies of the YSR Party are not compatible. So I am away from that party. Then all my close friends, well-wishers and family suggested that I should meet Jana Sena President Pawan Kalyan once.

Following this, I personally met Pawan Kalyan and discussed politics and politics for a long time. I am glad to know that his principles and views coincide with mine. Going to Dubai for cricket work. I will always stand with the people of Andhra Pradesh. He said.

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