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Amma Rajasekhar made her cry on the sets

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Amma Rajasekhar made her cry on the sets
Amma Rajasekhar made her cry on the sets

Kamna Jethmalani is one of the popular actresses of South Indian film Industry. She debuted in 2005 with the Telugu film Premikulu and had her first commercial success with her third movie Ranam.  She has appeared in a number of Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada movies. Recently Kamna Jethmalani appeared in a popular Telugu talk show and talked about a few unknown incidents.

Kamna Jethmalani  talked about an incident where she cried because of a director Amma Rajasekhar. However, she also revealed, due to that incident, she had learned how to be disciplined.

Kamna Jethmalani worked with Gopichand in Ranam, which was helmed by Amma Rajasekhar.  The actress revealed that  she and her friend Poonam Bajwa went out to eat ice cream one night and she had a shoot the next day.  She came back to the home at 3 am and reached the sets for the shooting at 6 AM. In between, she had a two hours of nap.

 When the next day, Kamna Jethmalani reached the sets, Amma Rajasekhar saw her face and asked what happened to her,  the actress  told the director that she slept late as she came back home at 3 am.  After hearing this Amma Rajasekhar shouted at her in  front of hundreds of junior artists, and asked her to take a rest for some time before starting the shoot. According to Kamna, after this incident, she became disciplined.

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