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Android 13 update comes to Samsung Galaxy S22 (Ultra) models in the US



  • OneUI 5 update on Android 13 is now available for Galaxy S22 (Ultra) in the USA.
  • Both unlocked and carrier-locked models can now be updated.
  • The update adds massive customization features on lock screen and home screen.

Specifically, these eligible devices are powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC since it is the only variant sold stateside while the Exynos Galaxy S22 lineup was slated in Asia and Europe. The update goes with the S90xU1UEU2BVJA number and brings massive new features and changes to this year’s flagship trio.

Separately, carrier-lock models from Verizon were upgraded a day after it hit the Exynos Galaxy S22 (Ultra). Users under the network will see a firmware version on S908USQU2BVJA.

OneUI 5.0 is heavy on customizations

Samsung highlighted on its One UI 5 clip the big personalization functions added with its Android 13 update. For starters, the customization of lock screens is now more extensive ranging from fonts and widgets to wallpapers and videos. There is also richer theming with users having the option of automatic or manual color palette selection.

Inside the home screen, stacked widgets are now enabled. But this feature debuted as Smart widgets on the Galaxy S22. Samsung is now shipping this to other Galaxy handsets through OneUI 5. Besides these new looks, the fifth iteration of OneUI is also focused on security, privacy, and performance.

How to update Samsung to Android 13

Regardless of if you have an unlocked or locked Galaxy device, updating to Android is the same method. Just head to Settings > Software update. It is recommended you should use a WiFi connection and plug your handset into a charger when updating.

Which Android 13 features are you excited to try out most? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comment section.


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