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Android Auto is updated with a great new feature for customization

Personalization is the big news of the Android Auto update and it will arrive very soon

Android Auto is updated with a great new feature for customization
Android Auto is updated with a new feature for users who love customization.

Android Auto is updated and the great novelty it integrates is related to customization. Yes, Google’s infotainment operating system has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent months. Throughout this year, 2023, we have been able to see first-hand all of its great new features in the form of updates.

The main change of this latest Android Auto update focuses on the customization of the interface. Yes, Android Auto does not offer all the options that can be found in Android for mobile phones. Google seems to want to change this situation and thanks to this customization lands on Android Auto.

Android Auto is updated with customization as a flag

The Android Auto interface is usually predefinedoffering minimal options with which to personalize the experience. Android Auto version 10.7 may change the way users understand Android Auto and, above all, the overall appearance.

It is not a drastic change, but it is substantial. What Google is looking for is that Android Auto can use the wallpaper of the mobile phone with which the connection is being made. Yes, it may sound like something extremely simple. But the reality is that it is not, and even less for Android Auto.

Among the main differences between Android and Android Auto is its interfaceThe first is designed so that the user can carry out any type of task in the way they prefer, while the second focuses on offering the necessary information without distractions.

The Android Auto update wants to bring users closer, allowing them feel that this infotainment operating system is yours. Allowing you to use the same wallpaper on Android Auto and on your mobile is simply a first approach, Google has to have much more prepared.

There is no date for this update and, in fact, it has been thanks to 9To5Google This possibility has been discovered in the Android Auto 10.7 APK. Now we just have to wait for check when and how this new feature will come to Android Auto.

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