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Anker Prime Power Bank is now just $89.99 for a limited time

Anker Prime Power Bank

Anker Prime Power Bank

$90 $130 Save $40

A fantastic portable power bank that packs plenty of power with its 20,000mAh capacity. In addition, it can also support up to 200W total, which means it can charge your laptop, tablet, smartphone, and more. For a limited time, you can score 31% off, dropping it down to its lowest price ever.

You never think it’ll happen to you, but sometimes it’s just not possible to get to an outlet and charge. Whether it’s your location or just the hustle and bustle of every day, having a power bank can be a lifesaver, especially if you’re someone that’s constantly on the go. Portable power banks have evolved over the past few years, making them vital tools, with some models offering impressive charging speeds and battery capacities.

The Anker Prime Power Bank is one such example, offering a whopping 20,000mAh capacity with up to 200W charging speeds. With that said, this power bank is now on sale at 31% off, dropping to its lowest price ever, coming in at just $89.99 for a limited time. Get it while you can, because this deal won’t last long.

What’s great about the Anker Prime Power Bank?

The first thing that’s going to catch your eye with this power bank is the small digital display that can show off tons of information about the battery like health, charging speeds, discharging percentage, and more. In addition, the maximum 200W charging capability is also another highlight which means you’re going to be able to charge any laptop, smartphone or tablet without problems. In addition to quickly charging devices, the power bank can also be recharged thanks to its support for 100W charging speeds.

Despite its compact size, you’re looking at a 20,000mAh capacity, which is plenty if you’re looking to charge up devices on the go. Best of all, this is under the carrying limit if you’re someone that frequently flies, which makes it the perfect travel companion. Like many of Anker’s other charging products, this device has ActiveShield 2.0, a technology that checks to ensure that the product is operating at a safe temperature. When it comes to connectivity, the power bank has two USB-C and one USB-A port.

Why buy the Anker Prime Power Bank?

Anker is known for its high-quality products, and the Prime Power Bank is a unique offering thanks to its compact size and elegant display. While it looks good, it also packs a lot of performance, with its 200W charging speed, and 20,000mAh capacity. If you’ve been looking to purchase a portable power bank, you really can’t go wrong with this one, especially at its current price, which is the lowest that it’s ever been. Just be sure to grab it while you can, because this deal won’t last long.

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