Anker’s dual-port USB charger is just $11 right now

Anker’s dual-port USB charger is just  right now

Anker is one of the best mobile accessory companies around, selling dozens of excellent wireless chargers, cables, wall adapters, and other helpful devices. Anker has a lot of chargers, but one of the smallest models is the PowerPort Mini Dual Port, a super-compact wall adapter with two USB ports. The charger normally costs $14, but now it’s on sale for $11.19. That’s not the lowest price ever for this charger, but it’s still a good deal.

The main selling point for this charger is the size — at just 30 x 33 x 38 mm, it’s not much taller than a U.S. quarter. You get two ‘PowerIQ’ USB Type-A plugs at the front, which can charge at a maximum of 12W (using both ports simultaneously means 6W per device). However, neither connector is a USB Type-C port.

    Anker PowerPort Mini
    This super-tiny charger with two USB ports is $11.19 on Amazon, $2.80 below the usual price.

The combination of normal-speed charging and no Type-C connectors makes this adapter a great option for smaller accessories (such as smartwatches and e-readers) and phones that don’t need to be charged quickly. If quick charging matters more to you than two connectors, Anker’s 20W charger with a single Type-C port is also on sale for a few dollars more.

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