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Anna Utrunna!.. Leo flashback is a lie.. Lokesh Kanagaraj started rolling!..

While everyone criticized Mansoor Ali Khan’s Leo flashback scenes in the movie Leo as a joke, now Lokesh Kanagaraj has given a Leo decoding interview to the fans saying that the flashback scene is a lie.

When the cinematographer Manoj Paramahamsa leaked the same matter immediately after the release of Leo, many fans started decoding without admitting defeat. At the same time, Mansoor Ali Khan, who plays the character of Udiraj D’Souza, would have said that if the story told by him was false, only Leo knew who he was and those who knew about him would not be alive.

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In this case, the director Lokesh Kanagaraj told the same story in a recent interview and came to support that the Leo story he remade is a quality story.

Rajini fans who have been trying to make Lokesh Kanagaraj who made Leo film as ugly as they can, are going to praise that there is no genius director like him when Lokesh Kanagaraj will next make Leader 171.

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Vijay fans are retaliating that the same story happened to Jailer director Nelson. Also, Lokesh Kanagaraj has rolled another story that after the fight in the cafe, Leo who was inside came out and after that, whoever called him Parthiban, Vijay would not return and he would only see him if he called him two or three times.

Bhagat Fazil and Leo both grew up from the same ashram and he is trying to save his LCU by building up to the extent that he will know this only when Leo 2 or Vikram 3 comes out.

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