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Annapoorani who was defeated.. It can’t be more than this!.. Nayantara bowed and apologized!..

Lady Superstar Nayanthara starrer Annapoorani has been removed from Netflix OTD which has created a lot of controversy. Film celebrities also started questioning why the problem did not arise only for Nayanthara’s film when Kashmir Files, Kerala Story were all released in theaters and OTD.

Vethimaran had voiced that removing a censored film from OTT is not good for cinema. A case was filed against the production company, Nayanthara, director Nilesh Krishna based on a complaint filed by Rama devotees. Zee Studio immediately knew that they would take a heavy blow and wrote an apology letter and announced that they would withdraw the film from Netflix OTT. Annapoorani was immediately removed from OTD.

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In the face of strong criticism and protest against Nayanthara in the north, Nayanthara, knowing that it will create a big problem for the subsequent films, has now surrendered and issued an apology letter as Jai Sriram.

It is with a heavy heart that I make a statement regarding the many controversies that have been brewing for the last few days about Annapoorani, which was released in my performance. We saw the Annapoorani film not for commercial purposes but as an attempt to bring a good idea to the public. The movie Annapoorani was created in such a way that if you fight with determination you can achieve anything.

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Now we have realized that we have unknowingly hurt the hearts of some people who wanted to spread a good idea through Annapurani. We are shocked that the film has been certified by the Censor Board and has been removed from OTT. My team and I never intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

I visit all places of worship with great faith in spirituality. Nayanthara asks if I ever did this with intention. Apart from that, I apologize if my actions hurt your feelings in any way.

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