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Another milestone and an innovation in the Simple app

Another milestone and an innovation in the Simple app


OTP Mobil reached an important milestone: the number of Simple account registrations reached 3 million. An innovation awaits the ever-expanding user base. Users of the app can now also find discounted offers in the app’s Explorer service, whether it’s about buying electronics or household goods.

Simple will celebrate its tenth anniversary next year, and the number of account registrations reached 3 million this year, but this number is expected to rise further in the coming years, as OTP Mobil, which develops and operates the app, expects more than half a million new users even in 2023.

App users store nearly 3 million active bank cards in the Simple account. More than 60 percent of Simple users also use their Simple account when shopping in various webshops, for smoother payments without having to enter card details again and again. About 50 percent of users registered in the SimplePay payment system also use the services of the Simple app.

New: for discount offers, go to Simple Efdefedező

OTP Mobil’s products form a complex ecosystem, this view is further strengthened by Simple’s innovation, since webshops using SimplePay’s payment system can display discounted offers in the Discover function available from the app, thus potentially reaching 3 million Simple account users, this year on a pilot basis.

In connection with encouraging the use of the Discover function, the company also launched a large-scale prize draw. The experiences of OTP Mobil’s previous purchase incentive campaigns are convincing. In recent years, thanks to these promotions, the number of saved card purchases has increased by more than 20 percent. 100,000 registrations and 15 million transactions were recorded in the most recent sweepstakes campaign held between May and July this year. Reacty Digital’s research revealed that 39 percent of those surveyed had heard of at least one of the campaign messages. (About the OTP Mobil survey: Online questionnaire survey among the Hungarian population aged 18-65. Sample: 1,200 people, representative in terms of gender, age, education and region. Time of data collection: June 16 – July 3, 2023.)

About the Simple account

Simple is a user account that connects the Simple application and the SimplePay payment system. Anyone who registers such an account can use all the services of the application (parking, e-sticker, mobile traffic ticket, check payment, etc.) with a single registration and can pay with it in more than 24,000 SimplePay webshops without entering card details.



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