Home Entertainment Another superstar in a cameo role in ‘Jailer’?

Another superstar in a cameo role in ‘Jailer’?

Another superstar in a cameo role in ‘Jailer’?



Actor Rajinikanth is shining as a superstar in Tamil cinema. He is currently acting in Jailer. The shooting of the film is going on in full swing and updates are coming for Rajini’s next film.



He has made such an impact on cinema. Rajinikanth wants to make Jailer a big pan-India film with actors like Shivrajkumar and Mohanlal who are already personalities in other language films.

The story originally written for Jailer was different. After that, Rajini had watched all the films like RRR, Pushpa and wanted to make Jailer a Pan India film and made some changes in the story.



Anirudh is composing the music for this film with actress Tamanna playing the lead roles. With all the first look posters of the film out, the expectations for the film have increased.

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Meanwhile, there are reports that another superstar will play a cameo role in Jailer’s film. He is none other. Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan is likely to play a cameo role in the movie Jailer, according to famous journalist Cheyaru Balu.


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