App Store prices are decreasing in South Africa, United Kingdom, more

App Store prices are decreasing in South Africa, United Kingdom, more

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Prices are going up for apps in the App Store in Georgia and Tajikistan.

In a news update on the Apple Developer website, Apple announced that it is changing costs and/or fees for apps in a number of countries due to tax and foreign exchange rate changes.

The company has announced that the prices of apps and in-app purchases on the App Store will decrease in South Africa, the United Kingdom, and “all territories that use the Euro currency.” Apple noted that the price decreases will exclude auto-renewable subscriptions.

In contrast, Apple says that prices will actually be increasing in Georgia and Tajikistan. The increases are due to tax changes and Apple says it has updated Exhibit B of the Paid Applications Agreement in response to that. The changes are listed below:

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  • Georgia: New value-added tax of 18%
  • Tajikistan: New value-added tax of 18% that applies to developers based outside of Tajikistan

Apple says that developer’s profits from their sales will be “adjusted accordingly and will be calculated based on the tax-exclusive price.” They also say that, because of a change to the Digital Services Tax effective rate in Italy, those proceeds will be increased as well.

Once these changes go into effect, the Pricing and Availability section of My Apps will be updated. You can change the price of your apps and in-app purchases (including auto-renewable subscriptions) at any time in App Store Connect. If you offer subscriptions, you can choose to preserve prices for existing subscribers.

Developers who want to check the latest price changes can do so by looking at the updated price tier charts.

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