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Apple developer relations head praises ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ of Indian developers

Apple’s Senior Director of World Wide Developer Relations, Eshwar Vangala, has hailed the ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ of Indian developers in a new interview.

Speaking to The Indian Express he said “I think the biggest asset of Indian developers is their entrepreneurial spirit… I’ve seen that in droves in India.” Reflecting on how developer attitudes had changed Vangala stated “The current crop of developers are so keen to take an idea and turn it into an incredibly successful app… In the past, I would come across developers who are kind of looking at a pot of gold down the road and trying to figure out products that will actually make them successful… People are looking to give birth to an idea… they’re looking at actually giving their idea wings to fly.”

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The report also highlights the work of the Bengaluru app accelerator program, which helps developers improve their apps and learn new skills. Apple says the program has contributed 900,000 jobs In India that are directly attached to the iOS app ecosystem. On the program, Vangala stated “When people have discussions with us at the accelerator, they are usually born out of a need or a requirement. I think my favourite is Kushagra from Bangalore who created Cone to help identify ripe mangoes because he is colour blind. It might seem something really small, but that’s a need he had and he created this application which is now helping you know millions of people across the world.”

Vangala also stated that Indian developers were “part of this vast global fabric” of the global community and that they were producing applications locally and for the entire world.

You can read the full interview here.

Apple’s WWDC21 conference kicks off next week where Apple is expected to unveil new operating systems and possibly even new hardware.

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