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Apple execs dive into the iPhone 13 camera system in new interview

If you are a huge camera nerd and want to dive deep into the iPhone 13 camera systems, Tyler Stalman has a podcast episode for you.

In the latest episode of The Stalman Podcast, photographer and YouTuber Tyler Stalman got a chance to virtually sit down with Kaiann Drance, Jon McCormack, and Graham Townsend from Apple to talk about the new camera system in the latest iPhone lineup.

You can watch the new episode of the podcast below:

A special interview with Apple’s VPs of iPhone Worldwide Marketing and Camera Engineering

  • Kaiann Drance – VP, Worldwide iPhone Product Marketing
  • Jon McCormack – VP, Camera Software Engineering
  • Graham Townsend – VP, Camera Hardware Engineering

The episode is pretty wide-ranging, touching on all of the new cameras featured across the iPhone 13 lineup. The conversation dives not only into the hardware of the new cameras but how the software optimizes the new components as well.

The Apple executives talk about how, since they own the entire stack from the photons to the finished photo, they are able to take full advantage of the hardware, firmware, and software that runs its cameras. It’s especially interesting to hear them dive into how they took what they learned from Portrait mode and, with the power of the A15 Bionic chip, built Cinematic mode.

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If you’d rather listen to the interview on Apple Podcasts than watch it on YouTube, we’ve embedded the link to the episode on Apple’s podcasting app below:

Apple announced the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro at its “California Streaming” event a couple of weeks ago. The new iPhone lineup went on sale on Friday, September 24.

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