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Apple has arrived to the Threads party as new platform approaches 100M users

Threads is on the verge of crossing 100 million users over the span of four days. Among those users? 9to5Mac sites and staff, a bunch of celebrities and Wendy’s, and now a handful of accounts by Apple.

The real “moment” for Threads, in my opinion, would be Apple veteran Phil Schiller joining the platform.

The greatest Apple senior vice president of marketing ever, also in my opinion, famously deleted his Instagram account when the iPhone-only app killed off some great filters to accommodate Android phones. Threads requires an Instagram account.

Schiller also nuked his Twitter account when everything started going south there, but he resurfaced online with a new Mastodon account.

To my knowledge, Apple brand accounts are everywhere except Mastodon. Everywhere for Apple now includes a lot more Threads accounts than it started with three days ago.

Apple News was first to arrive to the Threads party. Since then, we’ve seen new accounts for Apple Books, Apple Music, Shazam, and Beats by Dre join the new social platform.

More will probably appear in no time. Joining Threads is very easy if you already have an Instagram account. Apple has a large presence on Instagram including accounts for Apple, Apple TV, and Apple Fitness+. So far, Beats has posted. The others are placeholders for now.

Why does it matter? It shows Apple’s commitment to the brand new Twitter-like platform, especially since the company hasn’t endorsed Mastodon in the same way. For Threads, it also shows how mainstream the days old service is becoming (in case the 100 million users wasn’t enough evidence).


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