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Apple Just Overtook Samsung

It had been warned and the ‘sorpasso’ has not been long in coming: in the months of January and February 2023, Apple is already the most popular manufacturer in the world in terms of market share.

Historic change in the global mobile market: Apple just overtook Samsung
If we look at the results, it seems that in the mobile industry only Apple can smile in these times.

We have been warning for months that the mobile industry was falling hard to figures never seen since the birth of iOS and Android, practically, although in reality it is true that the global context does not help to analyze all the data in a 100% objective way that the experts are sending us in recent quarters, with AtlasVPN and the reports of GlobalStats confirming the surprise from Apple at least in the months of January and February 2023.

Obviously it is a historic change but not for that reason unexpected, and it is that Apple had been eating the entire Android pie for a long time at least in higher-end mobiles, being the only manufacturer escaping the recession in the mobile industry with Samsung giving ground slightlyslow but without stopping his fall.

The graph presented to us by High VPNs continues to illustrate this trend, which We do not know if it will be temporary or confirm Apple as the most popular manufacturer of the industry in the coming months, although according to what they tell us have already used prediction data from Statista that they maintain this dance a bit between those of Cupertino and the South Koreans in the following exercises:

Historic change in the global mobile market: Apple just overtook Samsung

Mobile sales by manufacturer in the last 6 months | Source: GlobalStats

As you have seen, Samsung and Apple have been close in recent months In terms of market share, with an October 2022 technical tie that anticipated what would happen, since November and December have kept Samsung in first place as a prelude to the surprise that occurred in 2023.

Already in January Apple got 27.6% of Compartir for the 27.09% signed by Samsung, reducing the distance in February with those of Cupertino falling to 27.1% and Samsung keeping the 26.75% share.

The mobile market falls sharply, and in this troubled river it seems that only Apple manages to win, beating Samsung and ranking first in the market so far in 2023.

Otherwise it seems that OPPO gains ground while Xiaomi and Huawei remain stablealthough the global fall and the context distort the analysis a bit, as we mentioned at the beginning, since Android sales are mostly fattened by affordable rangeswhich are the ones that have fallen the most.

What does seem to be confirmed is that the trend in cutting more premium is that Apple is gaining ground without the top-of-the-range options from the Android catalog being able to convince users, who are increasingly making the switch to the apple platform in higher numbers.

We will have to pay attention to the coming months, because India and emerging countries will surely grow again as markets stabilize and with them the most affordable mobiles and Android by extension.

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