Apple quietly adds homes to its map in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine

Apple quietly adds homes to its map in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine

When Apple announced that it was rebooting Apple Maps at WWDC back in 2018, it showed off a much more detailed map than it had previously had for users of the service.

One thing that was not on the old map was more detailed neighborhoods. In the new map, the company showed houses on a street so you could understand more about the relationship of where you were in relation to buildings and houses around you. It’s a handy feature if you are looking out for a specific structure to guide you with those directions.

While Apple has been rolling out its new map around the world, homes were missing from countries outside of the United States and Europe. Today, reported that the service has added homes to the map for the countries of Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.

Apple has unexpectedly added homes to the Maps app on iOS and macOS. This was announced by the reader of Nikita Freymanis.

Previously, buildings were only shown in the US and Europe. Now they can be viewed in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

It is not yet known whether Apple used someone else’s data or independently added houses to the map.

That isn’t the only news for Apple Maps users today. Earlier, it was reported that Apple’s Maps cars were spotted in Austria, Switzerland, and Hong Kong. The cars were seemingly working to bring the Look Around feature to those areas.

Apple’s cars are driving around streets in Austria, Switzerland, and Hong Kong in an effort to collect the data needed to roll the Apple Maps Look Around feature out there. Belgium will also see a return of the cars as Apple looks to expand on its surveying from last year.

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