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Apple TV+ dives into the production design of its workplace shows

As many companies are starting to bring employees back into the office in some capacity, Apple TV+ has shared insight into the production design behind three of its workplace-focused shows.

Ben Stiller, the director behind “Severance,” said that the look of Lumon, the company behind the controversial memory procedure, was made for those in it to feel “controlled.”

With “WeCrashed,” the new WeWork series, the office was designed to match the trends of the time: reclaimed wood, Edison light bulbs, exposed brick walls, and open-concept workspaces.

The final workspace highlighted was “Mythic Quest” which was based on a collection of real gaming offices that the team toured in real life.

The first seasons of “Severance” and “WeCrashed” are streaming now on Apple TV+. The first two seasons of “Mythic Quest” are also available on the streaming service.

If you want to see all of these shows in the best quality possible, check out our list of the Best TVs for Apple TV 2022.

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