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Apple Watch will reportedly get substantial refresh with next watchOS update

When the Apple Watch was first released, it wasn’t quite as popular as it has become today, and now has even become one of the best smartwatches that you can buy as a iPhone user. Well, it looks like things could get interesting with the wearable, as a new substantial update is on the horizon, slated to make its debut this year.

Now, when talking about a product update, most times companies would focus on the hardware, but over the past few years, Apple hasn’t advanced its wearables devices in terms of hardware or software, leaving it feeling a bit stagnant. Gurman states that this year will be different, and that the upcoming watchOS update will be “a fairly extensive upgrade.”


As far as what to expect, Gurman states that there will be “notable changes to the user interface.” Of course, there aren’t any details listed, but watchOS has remained relatively the same for many years, so getting software refresh will be a big deal if and when it launched. Now, if you’re someone waiting for a huge hardware change, you’ll have to be a bit more patient, as a major update isn’t apparently planned until 2024. Gurman states that with this update, the smartwatches will get larger displays, but doesn’t reveal anything more.

As far as when we might first get to see this update, it could be relatively soon. Apple has announced its next WWDC event for June 5, 2023. The event will mainly be directly towards developers, but the company has been known in the past to also announce its upcoming software update, along with showcasing key hardware at its event. As the rumors swirl about what could make an appearance, one the most highly anticipated devices is Apple’s mixed-reality headset. This product will be a huge release for the company, as it attempts to solidify itself outside smartphones, computer, and tablets.

Source: Mark Gurman (Twitter)


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