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Apple would be testing an ad platform powered by AI

Apple would be testing an ad platform powered by AI


A movement that could indicate that Apple wants to put more ads in the App Store and introduce them in other apps like Maps

Apple would be testing an ad platform powered by AI
Apple would be testing several AI-powered tools internally

It is an open secret that Apple will enter the Artificial Intelligence market through the front door this year with the inclusion of functions of this type in iOS 18, the renewal of Siri or the use of tools like Ask internally. But it seems that also They would be testing a new ad platform powered by AI.

The new tool powered by AI that they would be testing at Apple would be in charge of choosing where to place ads in the different advertising spaces within the App Store. Currently, this tool would be used to improve the performance of advertising campaigns in the Apple application store, but it could be extended to other services, according to Business Insider.

A system that other companies already have

This type of tool is nothing new in the field of advertising. In fact, companies like Google or Facebook They have been using them for many years. It is strange that Apple is testing such a tool, since it only has a small number of ads in the App Store. In fact, Developers can only pay to appear in Today, the top of searches, in the search engine or the bottom of an app page.

If Apple is testing this tool, it may mean that in the future want to increase the number of advertising spaces within the App Store. On the other hand, you may also want to add ads in other applications such as Mapswhere the use of this new tool powered by Artificial Intelligence could be much more efficient.

And it would not be something crazy, since for years there has been a rumor that Apple wants to introduce advertising in applications such as Maps, Books or Podcasts. And this is not the only tool that would be used internally, as Ask is also being used to help AppleCare advisors provide users with the best possible help.

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