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Apple’s new 35W dual-port USB-C chargers use smarts to adjust power based on what you plug in

Apple’s new 35W Dual USB-C Port Power Adapters are now available for order, priced at $59 apiece. Your money gets you two USB-C ports and a maximum combined output of 35W, with Apple now confirming how things will go down when you plug two things in at once.

A new support document published on Apple’s website details exactly how much power those two USB-C ports can output when two devices are plugged in. According to that document, the chargers will automatically detect what is plugged in and then offer up the required power. If you plug an Apple Watch Series 7 in, the charger will know and offer up 7.5W. AirPods are the same, while plugging in an iPhone 13 will see the charger react differently.

To charge two devices, connect your devices to either port on your power adapter. When you connect two devices, power is automatically distributed between them based on their power requirements. For most devices, power is shared evenly when you have two devices charging at the same time.

Apple then offers some examples:

  • If you connect a Mac notebook and an iPhone or iPad, each device receives up to 17.5W.
  • If you connect an iPhone and an iPad, each device receives up to 17.5W.
  • If you connect a Mac notebook or iPhone and an Apple Watch or AirPods, the Mac notebook or iPhone receives up to 27.5W and the Apple Watch or AirPods receive up to 7.5W.

Both of the two chargers are functionally identical, with the “Compact Power Adapter” featuring a smaller footprint and a set of foldable pins — perfect for throwing into a bag, for example. That alone could make this the best Apple Watch and iPhone charger for travel purposes.

Those looking to order the 35W Dual USB-C Port Power Adapter can do so for $59 direct from Apple while the 35W Dual USB-C Port Compact Power Adapter is also available at the same price — both will be with you in just a business day if you order soon, although that delivery window could well stretch out depending on popularity following a release just last week.

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