Apple’s Vivek Bhardwaj talks to Mac Power Users about Shortcuts on macOS

Apple’s Vivek Bhardwaj talks to Mac Power Users about Shortcuts on macOS

My favorite new automations in Shortcuts in iOS 14Source: Joseph Keller / iMore

Apple’s Vivek Bhardwaj joined the Mac Power Users podcast to talk about the arrival of Shortcuts on macOS among other things. The arrival of Shortcuts on the Mac is something many hadn’t dared hope for, but it’ll be part of macOS Monterey when it ships later this year.

Apple announced macOS Monterey during its WWDC opening keynote on Monday and we’ve been learning more about it ever since. We learn a bit more via the Mac Power Users podcast as well, with Apple putting Bhardwaj up for interview.

WWDC 2021 has brought new versions of all of Apple’s software platforms, with a large number of features coming to them all at once. This week, Stephen and David talk through the changes, and speak to Apple’s Vivek Bhardwaj about the new Shortcuts for Mac and what it means for traditional (and future) Mac automation.

The full episode, and indeed the entire Mac Power Users podcast catalog, is worth a listen.

In this episode, Bhardwaj explained that the feedback provided by iPhone and iPad users was what made bringing Shortcuts to the Mac a possibility. They also went on to say that Shortcuts is being deeply integrated with macOS, rather than being stuck on top as could have been the case.

Apple’s macOS Monterey update is available as a developer beta right now while it will be made available to the public later this fall.

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