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Approached this actor to play the hero-

Vignesh Sivan is one of the leading young directors in Tamil cinema. Rowdy and I are the super hit movie that came out under his direction. The film starred Vijay Sethupathi as the protagonist and Nayanthara as the heroine.

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With these R.J. Many leading stars including Balaji, Mansoor Ali Khan, Parthiban were cast. The romance-centric comedy film was well-received by the masses and became a super hit.

In this case, Vijay Sethupathi was not the first to star in the film. Vignesh Sivan was the first to choose Mirchi Siva as the hero in the film.

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Telling him the story and telling him not to star in the film. It is noteworthy that Vignesh Sivan said this on the stage of an award ceremony.

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