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Are you a spoiled brat with a girl? Is this what Pradeep said after seeing Nixon?

BiggBoss Season 7: The most popular reality show on Vijay TV
It was Bigg Boss show. Bigg Boss is also one of the most popular shows by Tamil fans all over the world.

This season has been filled with a youth army. That’s why whatever kind of pranks today’s young generation does, happens inside the Bigg Boss house too. The fans watching this are watching this season in a mental state of what they are going to see.

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Meanwhile, in yesterday’s episode, most of the contestants raised the red card against Pradeep. Nixon was the last one to sit in the hall with Pradeep as each contestant entered. Pradeep then saw Nixon and shouted ‘You are the destroyer of a girl’s life’.

But seeing the viral news makes me wonder if there is any meaning behind Pradeep’s words. Some scenes of Nixon and Izu going beyond limits in the Bigg Boss house were aired. Kissing, in itself, transgresses boundaries at a time. Seeing this, Aizu’s family couldn’t wait and said that Bigg Boss had come home and was taking his daughter.

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But it is during the emergency that the contestant is suddenly eliminated. Apart from that, they said that they cannot send it. Not only that, but they have sent word that we are warning Aizu in your place that you have said. As usual, the netizens have started scrolling wondering if Pradeep Nixon would have said this knowing this.

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