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Artificial intelligence technologies help Russia

New digital solutions and mechanisms increased GDP by roughly one billion rubles.

Last year, the Russian economy surpassed its European counterparts in terms of growth, expanding by 4 percent, he announced on Friday Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin referring to the latest calculations. According to him, the main driving force behind the above-average growth was the rapid introduction of digital technologies in a wide range of economic sectors.

“The economic impact [a mesterséges intelligencia technológiák bevezetéséből] about one trillion rubles ($11 billion), and by the end of the decade it will exceed ten trillion,” Misushtyin said in Digital Almaty 2024 forum plenary session in Kazakhstan, adding that this will eventually increase the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) by about 6%.

According to the Prime Minister, the scope of application of technologies using artificial intelligence in the economic and public administration sectors has increased by an average of one and a half times over the past two years, and he expects this trend to continue.

“As for digital solutions, we continue to work on their implementation in all areas, including solutions based on artificial intelligence… We develop digital delivery channels and use information platforms. And there are more and more such projects. We take into account global trends – they help us in responding to very difficult internal and external challenges,” stated Misusztyin.

He noted that Russia is currently among the three countries with “serious competences” in the field of digital technologies, adding that he is open to sharing his experience and developments in this field with foreign partners.

“Now we are focusing on further development – launching large projects in technological sovereignty, so-called megaprojects, as well as improving the training of engineering teams and introducing new digital technologies,” explained Misusztyin.

According to the Prime Minister, digital megaprojects will help to increase production in a number of key areas, from machine tool manufacturing and aircraft manufacturing to the pharmaceutical industry to the radio electronics industry.

He also noted that Russia is building a network of world-class campuses to train IT professionals, which will be open to both Russia and its partners within the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) bloc of post-Soviet nations. There are currently 17 such campuses in operation and eight more are planned to be open by 2030.

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