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Ashes: “Aussie. Did you do it right?’ Ruled out or not out? What happened in Bairstow’s case? | Ashes 2023: Johnny Bairstow Wicket Controversy raises a debate

A scathing review by the British press

A scathing review by the British press

In this case, there is a heated debate on social media about Bairstow being out or not. According to the ICC rules, ‘the ball is said to be dead when it is fully lodged in the hands of the bowler or the wicket keeper’. Accordingly, Alex Carey did not settle for holding the ball. He just threw the ball and got a run out. Thus Bairstow was rightly dismissed. In particular, the rule states that if a team acts on the field as if the ball is still in play, the opposing team must respect it. In that sense, it seems that it is out according to the ICC rules.

Aussies take Bairstow’s wicket. What do you think about the way it was dropped? Tell me in the comments.


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