Android NewsAt this price, you are going to want a...

At this price, you are going to want a REDMAGIC 8 Pro that is already arriving in Europe


They are probably among the most powerful mobiles in the world, and in Europe they will cost less than 799 euros in their most powerful model… Almost unbelievable!

At this price, you are going to want a REDMAGIC 8 Pro that is already arriving in Europe
This is the new REDMAGIC 8 Pro in its ‘Void’ finish with a transparent back.

If you did not take into account REDMAGIC 8 Pro as one of the phones to follow in 2023, the truth is that after seeing the prices of its landing in Europe, surely many will raise it in the pools smartphone exchange for its almost incredible quality / price ratio.

And it is that indeed, this smartphone presented last December 27 is in all probability one of the most powerful on the market todaythe first plus cut gaming What comes with the chipset? Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen2And it will be available in the Old Continent (including Spain) on February 2 at simply amazing prices.

Now we tell you all the details of a launch promotion which starts today, but since we know what you have come for, right here we leave you with the prices and the link to the REDMAGIC website for reservations:

  • REDMAGIC 8 Pro (12GB/256GB) Matte.- 649 euro
  • REDMAGIC 8 PRO (16GB/512GB) Void.- 799 euro

REDMAGIC 8 Pro, all the information and reservations

RedMagic 8 Pro: the new king of gaming phones has a giant battery and transparent design

This REDMAGIC 8 Pro is the new flagship killer From the market

As you have seen, their prices are unthinkable for a smartphone with such data sheetbut it seems that the subsidiary gaming from Nubia prefers to sell at zero profit to get notoriety and gain a foothold in the industry. Otherwise, it is then the price/performance ratio would not be understood of this device.

Already as a question for a note, surely the most informed will have realized that REDMAGIC 8 Pro+ is not released in Europebut only The REDMAGIC 8 Pro will be sold in its two finishes, matte black and the one with a transparent backwhich also features the fan that actively cools the chipset with attractive RGB lights essential in a phone gaming.

Of course, the model ‘mate’ will be the most basic with a price of 649 euros and a memory configuration of 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage, which will go up in the version ‘void’ transparent up to 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal memory.

Undoubtedly, its spec list is stratosphericso without further ado, here we leave it in the form of complete table to make it easier for you to read:

RedMagic 8 Pro, technical data sheet/caption>
SpecificationsRed Magic 8 Pro
Dimensions163.98 × 76.35 × 8.9mm, 228 grams
Screen6.8-inch AMOLED
Full HD+ (2480 x 1116 pixels)
120 Hz refresh rate
UDC (under screen camera) technology
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
Operating systemRed Magic OS 6.0
Storage128/256 GB UFS 4.0
Samsung ISOCELL GN5 of 50 Mpx main
8 Mpx ultra wide angle
2MP macro
80W fast charging
OthersOn-screen fingerprint reader
Red Core R2 game chip
customizable RGB LEDs
Dual stereo speakers
3.5mm headphone port
4D vibration motor
Nubia Red Magic 8 Transparent

The two finishes of the RedMagic 8 Pro: matte black and the attractive transparent.

REDMAGIC 8 PRO, this will be its launch in Europe

As to the actions that Nubia and its signature have planned spin-off REDMAGIC for the launch in the Old Continent, you should know that the device is officially presented in our markets right now, although in reality the promotions Early Bird Offer start next Saturday January 28 for the first buyers.

Deliveries, as we mentioned, will be made starting Thursday, February 2just one day after the arrival of the Galaxy S23, so practically this It will be the first mobile (or one of the first) that we can have in Spain with the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 from Qualcomm.

Incredible prices, succulent discounts and a REDMAGIC 8 Pro that will undoubtedly make people talk… Can you resist at this price?

Furthermore, at subscribe to the newsletter REDMAGIC news on its website you will receive a discount coupon of 15 eurosand there will also be 30 euro coupons for each user who purchases a REDMAGIC 8 Pro from the official website.

Finally, it has even been uploaded a little web game in which we will have to virtually build the REDMAGIC 8 Pro, and through which a totally free REDMAGIC 8 Pro and other delicious prizes will be raffled as discounts of up to 50%.

Here you have all the information…!

REDMAGIC 8 Pro, all the information and reservations


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