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AT&T rebrands its unlimited plans, increases hotspot data limits, and raises prices

AT&T is increasing the prices of its unlimited data plans for new and existing customers alike. The carrier says that customers will see a price increase of 99 cents per month starting in March.

On the bright side, however, AT&T is also increasing the amount of hotspot data that customers can use each month.

AT&T price increases are coming

As first reported by CNET, the price increases are set to go into effect for existing customers on March 5. The changes come amid a rebranding of AT&T’s plans. The base unlimited plan is being rebranded as the “Unlimited Starter SL” plan and hotspot data is increasing from 3GB to 5GB per month.

The middle plan is being renamed “Unlimited Extra” and its hotspot allowance will get boosted from 15GB to 30GB per month. Finally, the top-tier plan will now be referred to as the “Unlimited Premium PL” plan, with hotspot data usage rising from 50GB to 60GB per month.

Again, those plans are also getting more expensive, with AT&T raising prices by 99 cents per line.

In addition to the changes to the unlimited plans, AT&T is increasing the price of its cheapest “Value Plus” plan by 99 cents and renaming it the “Value Plus VL” plan. There’s no hotspot data allowance on this plan, but AT&T “is now allowing you to have up to 10 lines whereas it previously limited this plan to just a single line.”

In a statement to CNET, AT&T explained its reasoning for these price increases and also pointed out that this is the first time prices have changed on these plans since they were introduced in 2020:

We are bringing new benefits and added value to our best unlimited plans. This includes increased hotspot data – doubling on Unlimited Extra EL – and adding roaming in the Dominican Republic on Unlimited Premium PL. We are also taking our Value Plus plan, now Value Plus VL, from 1 to 10 lines, including connected devices. Customers on our current Unlimited Starter, Extra, Premium and Value Plus plans will receive the additional benefits starting in March.

Existing customers will be notified of these changes in the coming days and will have several weeks prior to the effective date to update their plan or make other changes if they’d like to.

For customers still on AT&T’s legacy unlimited plans, there are no price changes to worry about. Those plans saw their own price increases last summer.

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