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Attention, PCW Max subscribers will also receive a premium VPN service in February – PCW

In addition to the usual extras, such as ad-free, digital magazine or free software, you can now experience what it’s like to surf the Internet anonymously and completely safely.

When a text begins with the words “We’ve never done this before, and neither have others…”, the spider instinct almost automatically tells you that some tiresome marketing bullshit will follow, from which you will have to use a magnifying glass and tweezers to peel out the crumbs of truth. . Well, this time, that certain spider instinct would give you a false alarm, because the rarity of the proverbial white raven can only be measured by the fact that someone distributes a VPN, and moreover its VIP edition turbocharged with premium functions, as we do now with iTop VPN, which has a Hungarian language interface . Until March 1, our subscribers can use the paid functions of the service, which are suitable for avoiding online tracking and data collection, as well as fending off and preventing attacks.

However, it is important to point out that now speed also matters, because we could only get a limited amount of codes, so the extra gift is only valid until the stock is available.

But not only can you benefit from this, who subscribes to PCW Max, because in order to increase protection, they also receive the right to use IObit Malware Fighter 11 Pro for the next six months. What’s more, we haven’t even mentioned advertising-free and unlimited access to all content on PCW and its sister sites, the constantly expanding IT dictionary, the opportunity to participate in PCW Max’s monthly games, the priority customer service of the Helpline service, nor the monthly digital PCW magazine. All this with an annual subscription it can be yours from HUF 1,240 per month. And what awaits those who turn the pages of the 2024/02 PCW magazine as a subscriber?

This time, the focus is on artificial intelligence, which is gaining ground at an ever-accelerating pace and is already entering our everyday lives, thanks to PCs and mobile phones equipped with AI services. We also deal with the preservation and accessibility of data, as well as with Chrome extensions that raise the browsing experience to a new level, while recalling the past with creations that changed the gaming industry, the 40-year-old Macintosh this year and Plextor, which once saw better days. We also comprehensively tested the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with the ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 4070 Super, and even looked at what it’s like to play on Linux in 2024. No spoilers, read the article!



  • The iPhone will be much more open and not as secure as before
  • Don’t get your hopes up: everything will become more expensive from March, which hasn’t been so far
  • We have to say goodbye to one of Windows’ useful applications forever
  • The most annoying mandatory element of the Internet may disappear in the EU
  • These are our favorite gadgets from this year’s CES


  • The era of AI PCs has arrived
  • ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 4070 Super test – one step up
  • How to add Bluetooth capability to your computer
  • The rise and fall of Plextor
  • Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra test – eyes of the world on AI
  • Forty years ago, Apple showed what a computer is for everyone


  • This way you will always have your data at hand, on all your devices
  • Top 5: Alternative camera apps for Android
  • Top 5: Chrome extensions without which you can use the Internet – just not worth it
  • IObit Maleware Fighter 11 Pro – Fight Cyber ​​Threats (Gift Software)
  • iTop VPN VIP – anonymity in a few clicks (gift software)


  • Ten games that changed the gaming industry
  • Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown test – Persia has changed
  • Tekken 8 test – old arena of new legends
  • This is how I managed to play through Tetris after 34 years


  • We tried playing under Linux
  • Norton Family – the family is safe
  • Helpline

The February digital PCW magazine exclusively PCW Max subscription you can flip through it.

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