August Stadia Pro Games Includes Grime, Launching On August 2

August Stadia Pro Games Includes Grime, Launching On August 2

Google is handing out a large set of free games for Stadia Pro members in August. Including one new title that lands on the service around the same time. For those wondering, Stadia Pro games for August will be available to claim on August 1. Which means anybody that’s subscribed to Stadia Pro this Sunday will be able to claim the games that morning.

That is, all but Grime. Grime is one of the free games this month, but it launches officially on August 2. So you’ll have to wait till Monday to claim that title for your library.

But, that’s only an extra day, and you’ll have four other new games to dive into to keep you busy. Including the wonderful tactical RPG, Valkyria Chronicles 4.

Stadia Pro games for August include Grime and more

For as long as Stadia has been around, Google has been pretty loose with its free monthly games. The company has always maintained that subscribers would get at least one game each month. But it’s routinely been more than that. Usually hitting three or four.

This month of course it’s five. And in addition to Grime and Valkyria Chronicles 4, subscribers are also getting It Came From Space And Ate Our Brains, Epistory: Typing Chronicles, and Killer Queen Black.

While those five games will be joining the roster this coming Sunday and Monday, games will be leaving soon, too. Specifically, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. Which will be pulled from the lineup on July 31. After which you will no longer be able to claim it as a free game.

If you’re at all interested in checking that game out, now is the time to grab it before you forget.

Aside from the free Pro games, Google is holding a double free weekend this week. Beginning on July 29 at 9AM PST, players will get to check out both Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 and Marvel’s Avengers at no charge.

The free weekend will last until 9AM PST on August 2. Which is Monday. Control: Ultimate Edition is also now available on Stadia for $40, and there are a handful of other deals worth considering.

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