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Avoiding Application Security Blind Spots with OPSWAT and F5

Mar 28, 2024The Hacker NewsApplication Security / Webinar

Avoiding Application Security Blind Spots with OPSWAT and F5

Considering the ever-changing state of cybersecurity, it’s never too late to ask yourself, “am I doing what’s necessary to keep my organization’s web applications secure?”

The continuous evolution of technology introduces new and increasingly sophisticated threats daily, posing challenges to organizations all over the world and across the broader spectrum of industries striving to maintain reliable defenses. 2024 promises to be no exception. Threat actors continue to adapt their tactics, techniques, and procedures to exploit vulnerabilities in innovative ways, injecting malicious content into files that bypass traditional antivirus solutions and advanced, AI and ML-powered solutions alike.

Therefore, organizations must assess and continually reinforce their security measures. One critical aspect that organizations often grapple with is identifying and addressing security blind spots. These are areas within the infrastructure where vulnerabilities exist but may go unnoticed—for example—only 63% of companies scan all files for malware with multiple antimalware engines and only 32% disarm files to remove embedded threats.

In our webinar, we’ll shine a light on blind spots like these and discuss best practices for eliminating them, emphasizing the importance of continuous monitoring, defense-in-depth cybersecurity strategy, threat intelligence integration, and regular security audits.

Our experts will cover:

  • Insights into the current security landscape, its challenges, and effective cyber defense approaches.
  • How developing a comprehensive application security strategy can help your organization stay compliant with key global regulations.
  • An overview of threat detection and prevention technologies, their benefits, and integration into your technology stack.
  • Understanding the shared responsibilities model and how a defense-in-depth approach enhances your current defense strategies.
  • Strategies to enforce comprehensive cybersecurity across all environments: on-premises, in the cloud, and in K8S—even within SSL-protected environments.
  • How F5 and OPSWAT’s practices align with OWASP guidelines for comprehensive application security.

Join our panel of industry experts, Buu Lam, Community Evangelist, F5 DevCentral; George Prichici, VP of Products, OPSWAT; Adam Rocker, Director, Product Management, OPSWAT; and James Azar, CISO & Moderator for THN for an engaging webinar that will arm you with information to strengthen your organization’s web application security.

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