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Axis Bank Digital Rupee: Get FREE Rs.1000 Vouchers

Axis Bank Digital Rupee CBDC Offer

Get Free Vouchers worth Rs.1000 from Axis Bank Digital Rupee

Hello guys, We are back with another amazing free vouchers offer. As we all know that Government has launched Digital Rupee, which is also known as Central Bank Digital Currency. By doing transaction with Digital Rupee, Axis Bank is giving Free vouchers worth Rs.1000 & more.

Axis Bank Digital Rupee: Get FREE Rs.1000 Vouchers

What is Digital Rupee (CBDC)?

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) also known as “Digital Rupee” or “e₹” is defined by RBI as a legal tender issued by a central bank in a digital form. It is the same as a sovereign currency and is exchangeable one-to-one at par (1:1) with existing currency. Digital rupee (e₹) represents a direct claim on the central bank. It can be used to carry out transactions or store value digitally, similar to the manner in which currency notes are used in physical form.

Users can claim Free Rs.100, Rs.250, Rs.500 and Rs.1000 vouchers depends on their transaction. Claim Free Rs.100 voucher on your first transaction and Rs.1000 by doing maximum transaction within the time period. These vouchers can be redeemed in Amazon, Flipkart and many more.

We have added procedure to register with Digital rupee and Steps to claim the free voucher. Read out from below to get Free Vouchers from Axis Bank Digital Rupee Offer.

How to Register for Digital Rupee (e₹) wallet?

1, Download Axis Bank Digital Rupee App using QR / Link given below.

Axis Bank Digital Rupee App

2. Select the SIM (linked to your Axis Bank Saving Account).

3. Select login method (You can choose among PIN, Pattern or Biometric methods).

4. Set 6-digit wallet PIN.Select Axis Bank Savings Account you wish to link to complete KYC.

5. Validate linked Axis Bank Savings Account using debit card details (last 6-digit number and expiry date).

6. Congratulations! You’re all set to use Axis Bank Digital Rupee App.

7. Now, Do a transaction as below given table to get Free Vouchers.

Voucher Transaction Total Users
Rs.100 (New Users) 1st Transaction First 5,000 users every week and Total 20,000 users during offer period
Rs.250 5 Transactions First 2,500 users every week and Total 10,000 users during offer period.
Rs.500 10 Transactions First 1,000 users every week and Total 4,000 users during offer period
Rs.1000 Maximum Transaction with at least 20 Transaction First 100 users.

Points to Remember

Offer : New users are eligible to participate in both campaign 1 and 2. In Campaign 2, qualifying customers will be eligible for 1 coupon based on highest criteria qualified during the offer period.

Transaction : is counted as an outward transaction from Axis Mobile Digital Rupee App to a merchant or individual user. The mode could be either to a Digital Rupee user or to a UPI QR code using the Axis Mobile Digital Rupee App

Period : Offer period 8th January to 4th February 2024. (Week 1: 8th January to 14th January; Week 2: 15th January to 21st January; Week 3: 22nd January to 28th January; Week 4: 29th January to 4th February)

Grab Deal coupon : Grab Deal offer conditions: Please refer to detailed Terms and Conditions.

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