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Ayaneo Next Lite is the first Steam Deck competitor with SteamOS

The company is also aiming to make the Next Lite an affordable entry point to the portable PC hobby.

Image Credit: Ayaneo

Key Takeaways

  • Ayaneo’s Next Lite is the first Steam Deck competitor to run SteamOS, giving it an edge in the portable gaming market.
  • The Next Lite combines affordability with high-quality features like Hall sensing joysticks, a bright 7-inch screen, and a large-capacity battery.
  • If Ayaneo can offer a competitive price point that undercuts its rivals, the Next Lite has the potential to outperform rival devices like the Asus ROG Ally and become a leading portable PC device.

It has been a fantastic few months for fans of gaming on the go. There’s a whole selection of amazing PC gaming handhelds to pick from, and more are on the way. Now, Ayaneo has announced its Next Lite device, the first Steam Deck competitor to run SteamOS.

Ayaneo Next Lite: a first for Steam Deck competitors

As announced on the official Ayaneo website, the Next Lite will come pre-installed with SteamOS, the same operating system that Valve’s Steam Deck uses.. Ayaneo also states that it will provide “outstanding cost-effectiveness” to help “lower the entry barrier,” which hints that Ayaneo may aim to take on its rivals with a competitive price point.

Despite its cost-effective design, Ayaneo doesn’t seem to want to cut corners with the Next Lite. It will feature Hall sensing joysticks which are a standard among other, pricier handhelds. It will also spot “a 7-inch 800P high-brightness screen, a 47Wh large-capacity battery, [and] X-axis linear motors” alongside a sleek and colorful design. In the announcement, Ayaneo doesn’t reveal how much the Next Lite will retail for, but it does say that anyone interested can visit the website on January 11th, 2024 when subscriptions open.

It will be interesting to see if the Ayaneo Next Lite will help raise the company to the number one spot in the portable PC device race. When we compared the Ayaneo 2 vs the Asus ROG Ally, the latter won by a hair, with affordability being a tipping point. If the Ayaneo Next Lite can undercut the Asus ROG Ally’s price point, it may find itself in a very favorable position versus its competition.

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