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Baba movie flop!.. Lingusamy shocked by Rajini’s question!..

Lingusamy made his directorial debut in Kollywood with Rajinikanth: Anandham. Next he took up an action story called Run. Instead of telling the story to Vijay, he went to some other heroes and then Madhavan acted in that story. Meera Jasmine acted opposite Madhavan. Bollywood actor Atul Kulkarni made his debut as a villain in this film.

This film was also a super hit for Lingusamy. Subsequently, he directed some films like Bhaiya, Zee, Sandakoshi, Anjaan. He also directed the film Chandakozhi 2 with Vishal. However, this film did not attract the fans. He went to Telugu cinema and directed a movie called Warrior.

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Now somehow he is planning to give a hit film and working towards it. On the one hand, he is also giving interviews to the media. While talking about the film Run, Lingusamy also shared a lot of information about the film. I am a big fan of Rajini. When the film Baba was made in his acting, the film Run was also ready. No other film is releasing on the release date of Baba. So, I thought of releasing Run. But the producer did not agree.

Run was released 20 days after the release of Baba. The film Baba did not go well. But the run went well. Even when Rajini sir inquired about the film industry, he saw the film Run only to be told that Run was getting better collections than Baba for 3 consecutive weeks.

Immediately he called me in person and talked about the film. In it, he praised some scenes. He also asked if I have any story to tell. I didn’t expect that. I am a huge fan of his. His performances in Three Faces, Billa, Annamalai and Badshah will always be in my memory. So, he has no story with me. Considering any scenario it was below my expectations. That’s why I didn’t direct the film with him.

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