Saturday, August 13, 2022

எண்ணம் போல் வாழ்க்கை..!

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Yesterday was my first combined bike/hike in a while. I rode my Vado (electric-assist bike) to Harvey Bear bike then hiked uphill and rode back down. I tried some side trails I’ve never been on before which offered pretty smooth off-road surfaces (the Vado is a hybrid, not a mountain bike, with fairly fat tires but no suspension).

image 33
The start of Willow Springs trail, Southern branch
image 34
The Savannah trail branches off Willow springs and has pretty smooth single track that is fun to ride on.
image 35
This is the Northern branch of the Willow springs trail

I rode out to Harvey bear park mostly standing with no assist which took 45 minutes, then spent about an hour in the park. I used assist to buck a headwind on the way home. Next time I’ll allow more time so I can do more exploring.

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