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Banumathi was afraid to play the role played by Manorama!.. This is what happened in the end!…

Manorama vs Banumathi: Everyone knows about Jayalalitha’s respect during her tenure in the Tamil film industry. But before him, a great personality named Banumathi was ruling the cinema.

It can be said that there are no actors who are not afraid of Banumathi. There are many actors who hesitated to act with him. Also there is an opinion that Banumathi is not a person who can easily appreciate any actor or actress. She was the actress who got angry with MGR when she acted in Nadodi Mannan and walked out of the film.

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Chitra Lakshmanan has said in an interview that if an actor or actress performs well, he thinks that he should perform better than him. Actress Banumathi who is like that has heartily appreciated the character of Manorama.

Manorama starred in the hit movie Patty Sollai Thathede. The film was a huge hit. The same film was also shot in Telugu. Banumathi played the role of Manorama in Telugu in Patty Sollai Thattathe.

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M. Saravanan, the producer of the film, went there when the film was being shot. Then Panumathi told Saravanan that she did not know if I could express the character created by Panumathi Manorama better and Manorama had acted so wonderfully.

Saravanan was surprised to hear this. Banumathi says this? He stood there in surprise. Because Saravana also knows well about Banumathi. Saravanan was shocked because Banumathi was not one to easily praise anyone who acted better than him.

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