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Bayspower® 27000w Home Theatre System with Bluetooth, MIC,Aux,FM,USB, Pendrive,TV,Remote Control Support (Model-822) (27000w)

Price: ₹ 4,999.00 - ₹ 2,999.00
(as of Jul 25,2021 21:14:49 UTC – Details)


Product Description


Feel every beat of music with Heavy bass. Made for Quality Music Lovers who loves clearer melodious sound… Not for Loudness Lovers.


Made for Quality music lovers who wants to listen soothing music . Not For party Lovers.

Old Design Hometheaters needs to do setup first before usage , diffficult to place due to wire mesh and covers more space.

Bayspower-822 hometheater speaker system solves all that with Zero Wiring/setup and more with uncompromising true Quality Rich Bass sound with the ability to easily place your speakers. This Music System is designed to give you cinematic sound Quality at home.

Heavy Bass and Crystal clear sound : The unbeatable sound quality of the Bayspower pops through no matter what you play! Be it jazz music, your favourite video game, or just a movie; it will deliver the top-quality sound with Heavy bass.
Lightning fast Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity : Go wireless and pair your Bluetooth enabled devices like laptops, phones, tablets and sync your playlist.
Compact Design with Powerful Subwoofer : Special Bass Boost compact design along with Bigger, Powerful 6.5 inches subwoofer will give you Heavy Bass.
Soothing Sound : This music system is developed to give soothing, melodious music sound which will calm your mind. Never miss any beat of music, Best for long duration listening. Not for Loudness lovers.
Wooden Cabinet : Wooden cabinet of this tower speaker delivers unparalleled top-quality bass.

Option for Connecting extra mini Speaker: If you want more sound.(extra mini speaker you should buy separately)
Area covering: Sufficiently fills area with music of around 150 sq ft.


Full Range
1x 6.5inch
2x 3inch
Interface Support
Total Power

Subwoofer is The soul of Bass, thats why you will get Best subwoofer in this model for super Bass…

6.5 inch subwoofer
6.5 inch subwoofer

Thumping Bass

This Model has a Big 6.5 inch Side firing subwoofer for superior Bass. Just Connect music system with your TV/mobile and get experience of bass effects .

Special Note

Bass Quality Will improve more after using Music System for 8-10 hours (Runtime) or 2-3 Days. .
For Better Bass ,place Music system on Ground with a minimum 1 metre distance from yourself. It has two inbuilt 3-inch speakers for clear music output and You can connect 2 extra speakers(not included,buy separately) from outside, if you want to increase loudness ..

Fully multimedia: It supports FM , USB , Bluetooth , aux , mic and it is best for connecting with desktop computer and Led TV. Melodious and clear sound suitable for home.
It has big powerful 6.5 inches subwoofer and 2 front speakers which produce soothing sound.
Bass and Treble Control: You can control and optimise sound according to your choice with BASS CONTROL and TREBLE control.. If you want more sound then you can connect an extra mini Speaker(No extra mini speaker is included with this, buy separately)
★Full Customer support: If customer feels any difficulty in using feature of this product or have any difficulty, there is dedicated call support team specially for resolving customer all problems.



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