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Benefits & Side Effects of Applying Rose Water for Eyes

Rosewater is scented water made from steeping rose petals in boiling water. This liquid can be used for cooking or as a perfume. It also provides medicinal benefits.

People use rose water as a remedy for irritated skin, depression, and digestive problems, but more research is needed to confirm its effects.

However, a 2011 study reports that rose water effectively treats conditions that affect the eyes.

Discover the benefits of rose water for your eyes and how to use it.

Is Rose Water Good For Eyes?

The short answer is yes. Yes, rose water is good for the eyes. That said, the rose water used for eyes isn’t the regular rose water that you get from the market. It isn’t even the one that you carefully prepare at home.

Researchers or medicine developers specially extract it. The same rose water then gets used in eye medicines and eye drops. So, do not try to put the regular rose water in your eyes. It’ll only cause damage.

Benefits of Rose Water For Eyes

Rose Water or Gulab Jal for the eyes has numerous benefits. Read on to know.

1. Rose Water For Dark Circles  

Rose water is famous for its soothing properties and fragrance. But that’s not all. It also has skin lighting qualities that rejuvenate the skin around the eyes. In this manner, they help reduce the appearance of dark circles.

2. Relieve Eye Irritation

Irritation and burning eyes can be a cause of concern for everyone. Rose water reduces the pain and irritation associated with these two. That is because it has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

3. May Prevent Cell Damage

Both rose water and rose petals contain free radical scavenging compounds and powerful antioxidants. These may help prevent cell damage around the eyes.

4. Helps Calm Redness

When applied to the skin, rose water has a calming effect. Rose extracts contain anti-inflammatory properties. That is why Gulab Jal helps in enhancing your skin tone by reducing redness.

5. Makes For a Soothing Eye Wash

Sitting in front of the screen for long hours can take a toll on the eyes. That is why many individuals use rose water as an eyewash to soothe tired eyes.

6. May Have Anti-aging Benefits

The antioxidants present in rose water are beneficial for dry and ageing skin. So applying rose water every day can help you deal with fine lines around the eyes.

Side Effects of Rose Water For Eyes

While rose water has numerous benefits for the eyes, it shouldn’t be used as an exclusive treatment for any eye condition. Moreover, seeking medical care is exceedingly vital in the case of rose water for the eyes. The reason is that it can cause side effects.

So before applying it to your eyes, test it on your skin. Wondering how you can do that? Just take a small sample of the liquid on your arm and check for any signs of an allergic reaction. Some of the signs include redness, skin burning, and itching.

So if your skin is allergic to Gulab Jal or rose water, don’t apply it to your eyes. If you apply it and develop burning or stinging, discontinue the use and consult a medical professional immediately.

How To Use Rose Water For Eyes

Here are a few ways in which you can use rose water.

1) Eye Wash

One of the best ways to complete your rose water routine for the eyes is with an eyewash. For application, you can follow the manufacturer’s directions.

2) Dropper

Individuals with eye dryness or eye infection can apply rose water. An eyedropper can be used to apply it to the affected area. When you want to rinse dust particles from your eye, a dropper can come in handy. All you have to do is add 1-2 drops of rose water to the affected area.

If you’re trying to remove dust particles, then gently rub your eyes for a couple of seconds before rinsing. Many people also use an eyedropper to reduce redness or inflammation. Such individuals should sit with their eyes closed for a couple of minutes after applying the drops.

3) Cotton Ball

If you’re looking to reduce the appearance of dark circles or reinvigorate tired eyes with rose water, you must use a cotton ball. Read on to know about the ingredients and procedure.


  • Two tsp of cold rose water
  • Two tsp of cold milk
  • Cotton balls/Cotton pads


  • Take a small bowl and put all the ingredients in it.
  • Dab the cotton balls or pads in the mixture.
  • Apply it around your eyes.
  • Let it rest for 15-20 minutes.
  • Rinse it off using cold water.
  • For efficient results, use this remedy daily.

Summing Up on  Rose Water for Eyes

If you have dry, itchy, red eyes, you may have difficulty seeing or working, but natural remedies like rose water can help.

If you experience any side effects while using rose water, or if your symptoms don’t improve or worsen while using the remedy, seek medical attention.


1) Does Rose Water Relax Eyes?

Yes, rose water relaxes the eyes. The rose water’s flavonoids, anthocyanins, and terpenes act as antioxidants, scavengers of free radicals, and have anti-inflammatory and antidepressant properties. Applying rose water to the eye area soothes them instantly.

2) Can We Use Rose Water Daily?

Yes, you can use rose water daily! As it is incredibly gentle and can be used daily, it can be used as a facial mist so that you can spray it on your face for some hydration or as your toner as part of your regular skincare routine.

3) Can Rose Water Help With Dark Eyes?

Yes, rose water can help with dark eyes. Known for its soothing properties and fragrance, rose water also gives the skin around the eyes a youthful glow, resulting in fewer dark circles.

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