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[Best 36] Money Earning Apps in India | Android Apps For Student

[Best 36] Money Earning Apps in India | Android Apps For Student


Best Earning Apps in India March 2023

Best Apps For Earning Money In India , Best Money earning apps for Students , Best Money Earning Apps In India , Earn Money From Apps Hello Coolz Readers!! Indian people are so fond of using applications to earn money, as they get lots of benefits by installing apps like ShopClues App, Paytm App, Flipkart app, and many more on their mobile. Some of the apps are very simple to use and earn up to millions.

You guys have a look at Best Refer & Earn Apps and earn Free PayTM Cash on Daily basis using our detailed post. If you want to download some free money apps, you have to go through this post where we collected the best earning apps in India. These apps can help you make money and authentically earn cash.

[Best 20] Money Earning Apps in India |   Android Apps For Student | 2022

Hands down, there are many lucrative ways to make money through the best money making apps on your Android phone. This article will look at some of the best ways to make money with India’s best earning app that you can download right now.

Best Earning Apps in India 2023 :

Best Earning Apps in India Earnings
Winzo App ₹50
mRewards ₹5
Frenzi App ₹100
Chingari App ₹300
Flam App Up To ₹500
Gappx App ₹25
Zupee App ₹17
Streads App ₹5
Smytten App Up To ₹300 Products
Growfitter App Gaana Subscription & More
CRED App Up To ₹1000
Mobilexpression ₹300
Toluna Survey ₹500
Pay-Bag ₹20
Divya Bhaskar ₹15
Dainik Bhaskar ₹15
mGamer PUBG UC
Tao Students App ₹10
RapidBox App ₹20
AttaPoll Survey ₹1000
Fello ₹25
EWar ₹10
Facebook View Point Vouchers
FieWin ₹10
OsMoxy ₹10
Brave Browser ₹1000 / Month
Google Opinion Rewards Vouchers
Loco ₹10
Binance Cryptos
HoneyGain ₹1500 / Month
YouGov Survey Vouchers
FastWin ₹20
MiWin ₹10
FlixPe ₹5
Citta Games ₹10
EduFund ₹100

1. Winzo App – Best Earning Apps in India :

Winzo App - Best Earning Apps in India :

Winzo is an online platform that helps people earn money without investment by doing simple tasks. Just play several 99+ games and earn free money. You will also be rewarded for the special fantasy games available on it. Create a team, rank your team and get money from this earn money app.

Winzo App Referral Code is – COOAD824

Even the Winzo referral program is the best alternative way to earn money. Every time you get rewarded, you can transfer them to your UPI account, Paytm wallet, or Bank Account. As a result, Winzo is among the top 3 earning apps in India.

Steps to Earn on the Winzo App :

  1. You can download the winzo gold apk from their website.
  1. When the dialogue box appears, tap “OK.”
  1. When prompted for confirmation, tap “OK” to allow installation.
  1. Next, go to settings and select the security option.
  1. Now you can register and rock on Winzo Gold by clicking “INSTALL”.
  1. After that, play several games, and quizzes, and earn huge money.

Winzo Offers & Rewards :

  • Earn a 50 Signup Bonus by downloading the WinZO Gold app.
  • If you refer your friends and family, you can increase this amount to Rs. 5,000.
  • Free World War ticket for new Winzo users
  • Win up to 25 crores daily with the winzo money earning app

Winzo Payment Proof :

Winzo App Proof - Best Earning Apps in India :

2. mRewards App – Best Earning Apps in India

mRewards App - Best Earning Apps in India

mRewards is a mobile application that lets you earn app rewards and gift cards by playing games and sharing your opinion. The more you play, the more you earn through this earn money playing games app.Whether you are looking for the latest round, want to know what’s trending, or need help with customer support, we’ve got you covered. Mrewards also get you free shopping vouchers just for playing free money games.

mRewards App Referral Code – xGatDCOLr8

Steps to Earn on the mRewards app :

  1. The first step is to download themRewards app.
  1. Download the mreward apk file and save it to your phone’s memory or SD card.
  1. When installing an APK or game, don’t forget to allow unknown app permissions.
  1. After the app is installed, open it, sign up with your phone number, and fill out the essential information.
  1. Start playing games and submit surveys and win unlimited money.

MRewards Offers & Rewards :

  • One of the best free gift vouchers app
  • As an affiliate, you receive commissions for customers who click a referral link on your site.
  • Make a purchase, with places like Amazon, Flipkart, and Google giving you a small percentage from every sale.
  • Buyers can also book their favorite Brands directly from the app.

MRewards Payment Proof :

mRewards App Proof - Best Earning Apps in India

3. Frenzi – Best Earning Apps in India

Frenzi App - Best Earning Apps in India

Frenzy apk is a game-changing app that allows you to plan your trip and earn rewards by watching personalized content on your journey. It’s a new way to plan your holiday, and it’s guaranteed to change the way you travel.

By using the frenzy refer program and inviting 2 friends, you can quickly win Rs 100 free Swiggy Voucher. Moreover, sometimes free Amazon vouchers and free ott subscription are offered by this free cash app.

Steps to Earn on the Frenzi App :

  1. Start by downloading Frenzy from their site.
  1. You must agree to Frenzy’s Terms and Conditions after reading them carefully.
  1. Open the Frenzy app and sign in with your details.
  1. Tap on “Enter Frenzy Referral Code” after clicking on the Settings button.
  1. Please enter your Frenzy Survey App Referral Code if you have one.
  1. Earn money by sharing your referral code.

Frenzy Offers & Rewards :

  • You can earn a 10% commission on the earnings of your referred friends.
  • Watch over millions of OTT contents under one roof

Frenzy Payment Proof :

Frenzi App Proof- Best Earning Apps in India

4. Chingari – Best Earning Apps in India

Chingari - Best Earning Apps in India

You can use Chingari to earn money by completing simple tasks like surveys, watching videos, and playing games. You will get paid for each study conducted by you in Chingari. And you can withdraw your earnings as soon as they are credited into your account.

You may also get money by sharing amusing and comedic videos on the internet. Just download chingari apk from Google Play Store or App Store and start earning money in India from it today.

Steps to Earn on the Chingari App :

  1. Open the Chingari app on your smartphone, and click on the “Sign Up” button at the top of the page.
  1. Enter your name, email address, and password in the appropriate fields.
  1. You can also create a nickname for yourself if you prefer.
  1. Click “Sign Up” to continue with your registration process.
  1. Join Chingari apk and start earning money free and playing games.

Chingari Offers & Rewards :

  • It offers the best offers apps in India and surveys, games, and savings to its users. Chingari is among the most popular online earning apps among students in India.
  • You get exclusive online deals through Flipkart, MyChampShop, Amazon, and other popular shopping sites to earn extra points.
  • Making money with the app is more lucrative than earning money with other apps.

Chingari Payment proof :

Chingari App Proof - Best Earning Apps in India

5. Flam – Best Earning Apps in India

Flam App in Best Earning Apps in India

Flam is a smartphone app that lets you earn money by performing tasks and surveys. Flam coins are given to users in exchange for gift cards and coupons from companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Domino’s Pizza, and others.

Flam App Referral Code – AU4PY

The current Flam offer from Flam Camera to Scan FlamCards App is that all you have to do is build your own Flam Card. And you’ll get a scratch card with a chance to win up to INR 10 in free PayTM cash by using the Flam App Referral Code. This app is available on Android and iOS platforms.

Steps to Earn on the Flam app :

  1. First, Install the Flam earning app on your phone.
  1. Register on the app and enter your details.
  1. Open the app and register by clicking on ‘Join Now.’
  1. You will receive an OTP to your registered mobile number. Enter it in the given field to complete the registration.
  1. Once you are registered, you can start earning money with apps by completing simple tasks like downloading apps, watching videos, or playing games.

Flam Offers & Rewards :

  • The highest flam cashback offers can be found here.
  • On successful purchase, you’ll receive cashback in your wallet.
  • Additionally, you’ll receive additional discounts.
  • Flam allows you to perform simple tasks such as sharing pictures and GIFs and installing or registering on top trending android apps, games, and websites.

Flam Payment proof :

Flam App Proof - Best Earning Apps in India

6. Gappx – Best Earning Apps in India

Gappx app- Best Earning Apps in India

Gappx is a free money earning Android app that allows you to make money. It’s available for free on the Google Play Store. When you join up for this greatest money app, you will receive 350 points, which is equivalent to a Rs 25 Amazon coupon.

With this, you may earn a Rs 25 Amazon voucher in a matter of seconds with this unique earning app. You can also claim your Olymp, Loco, and other rewards. As a result, it’s a multi-purpose earning app that excels at offering free vouchers.

Steps to Earn on the Gappx App

  • First and foremost, gappx app download is a must before starting playing.
  • So search for Gappx on Google Play Store.
  • Let it install on your smartphone. So wait for a few more minutes.
  • After that, sign up on it, entering all essential personal details.
  • Further, now onwards you can play games and start referring.
  • In this way, you will earn a lot of money from this best earning game.

Gappx Offers & Rewards

  • Win instant Rs 25 Amazon Voucher on successful sign up.
  • Great opportunity to win other free shopping vouchers also
  • Earn Rs 1000 through Gappx Refer & Earn Program

Gappx Payment Proof

Gappx Proof Best Earning Apps in India

7. Zupee – Best Earning Apps in India

Zupee is one of the top earning apps list that lets you earn money by playing games on your phone. You can play games like Candy Crush, Angry Birds, and Fruit Ninja to make Rupees.

The more you play the games, there are more chances to win free money online. There are over 500 games available on Zupee, and each game has different levels of difficulty.

Steps to Earn on the Zupee app :

  1. Zupee apk download app from thor website.
  1. Register your account with an email address and a password.
  1. Enter your payment details (debit/credit card).
  1. Hurry!! You have successfully registered on zupee apk.
  1. You can start earning money from the app by sharing your referral code with your friends.

Zupee Gold Offers & Rewards :

  • Earn pubg cash
  • Earn free fire diamonds
  • Buyers can also get exclusive deals and exciting offers on products they like through the app.

Zupee Gold Payment proof :

8. Streads – Best Earning Apps in India

Streads App - Best Earning Apps in India

Streads App is a fitness application that allows you to earn money while you work out. You can make unlimited money by completing daily challenges or by purchasing items from the Streads fitness store online.

Streads App Referral Code – Coolz

In addition to this, the free money earning app has a unique system that makes earning fun and rewarding. Streads app download now to start enjoying the fantastic offer of the Streads App.

Steps to Earn on the Streads app :

  1. Download the Streads app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  1. Open the app and click on ‘Join’ to get started.
  1. Choose your favorite category from the list of types of different exercises.
  1. Once you have chosen your favorite category, you will be prompted to create an account with Streads.
  1. You will also receive a code number which you will need to enter into a box that appears on the screen after creating your account. 
  1. When you have created an account with Streads, you will need to fill out some basic information such as your name and email address so that we can send out notifications related to offers/promotions, etc.
  1. Now, you can start earning from the app.

Streads Offers & Rewards :

  • Referring friends and using their Streads code during signup will earn 5 coins.
  • The coin equivalent to Rs 1 cannot be redeemed into a bank account
  • Earnings can be redeemed for Oneplus, Hero Sprint, Airpods, etc.

Streads Payment proof :

Streads App Proof - Best Earning Apps in India

9. Smytten – Best Earning Apps in India

Smytten app - Best Earning Apps in India

Smytten App is India’s largest Luxury Brand Platform and India’s top earning app. On Smytten app, Buyers can buy Beauty Products, Grooming Products, Music Accessories, Fitness Products, Food & Beverages, everything for Men & Women.

Users can also earn points by referring friends to the Smytten App. These points can be redeemed later on for various products and services available on the win money app platform.

Steps to Earn on the Smytten App :

  1. To download the Smytten apk, go to the Google Play Store and search for it.
  1. You can then enter your email address or mobile number by tapping the signup button on the given page.
  1. Sign up on this free online cash app by entering the verification code and clicking on the continue button.
  1. As soon as you’ve filled out all the information, click on the submit button to begin using its services.
  1. Earn unlimited smytten coins by referring to your friends.

Smytten Offers & Rewards :

  • You can get free trials from luxury brands, including Bvlgari, Calvin Klein, Kama Ayurveda, etc.
  • There are more than 500 Premium Brands across various categories, including Beauty, Gentlemen’s Grooming, Food and Beverage, Smart Technology, Spas, Salons, and much more.
  • Exclusive offers on 100% verified original products, straight from brands.

Smytten Payment proof :

Smytten App Proof - Best Earning Apps in India

10. Growfitter – Best Earning Apps in India

Growfitter app - Best Earning Apps in India

Growfitter is India’s biggest incentivized wellness platform that curates simple & effective solutions to redefine your relationship with health & fitness. Growfitter apk objective is to motivate individuals and families to adopt an active & healthy lifestyle by incentivising them through lifestyle rewards.

Growfitter App Referral Code is – ALAMBYZ8

Their app provides a customized solution for every user based on their location, age, gender, and lifestyle. This real money earning games app offers Amazon vouchers, and Flipkart vouchers as your growFitter coins.

Steps to Earn on the GrowFitter app :

  1. Download the GrowFitter app.
  1. You can sign up using your Google, Facebook, or mobile number by clicking on Start now or Sign up.
  1. Click on the Submit button after entering your phone number, name, email address, and GrowFitter referral code.
  1. The GrowFitter home page will be displayed after you have completed the sign-up process.
  1. Click on the Refer now button to share your GrowFitter referral code with your family and friends.

Growfitter Offers & Rewards :

  • You will get one referral point for each person who sign-up using your growFitter referral code.
  • Keep track of your daily fitness workouts on these walk steps and earn money.
  • As you complete daily fitness activities like walking, running, cycling, yoga, dancing, swimming, sports activities, or health quizzes.
  • You will earn active Find and buy memberships at top fitness and sports centers.
  • Earn exciting lifestyle free rewards online app is out on-demand.
  • Take LIVE classes & personal training.
  • Make an appointment at your fitness center.

Growfitter Payment proof :

Growfitter App Proof - Best Earning Apps in India

11. CRED – Best Earning Apps in India

CRED app - Best Earning Apps in India

CRED is a mobile application that lets you earn free digital currency by completing simple tasks. The app allows you to earn up to 10,000 INR per month by completing tasks like downloading other apps, signing up for offers, watching videos, and reading articles.

Additionally, this money rewards app also has an option called “Free-play,” where you can play games and earn points. You can redeem your CRED free coins in the form of Amazon vouchers and Flipkart coupons.

Step to Earn on the CRED app :

  1. First of all, download Cred Apk.
  1. Then, enter your mobile number and click on agree to the terms and conditions, then grant the required permissions.
  1. Write a one-time password and click the continue button.
  1. Once you have entered your first name and last name, click on the continue button.
  1. You can set up WhatsApp alerts for your credit card bills by entering your email address.
  1. On the next page, you have to add your credit card, enter your credit card number and click on continue.
  1. Now you have signed up for Cred, and you will receive an Rs.1000 cred signup bonus.
  1. When you scroll down on the home page, you will see a refer and earn banner. Thus, refer and earn money right now.

Cred Offers & Rewards :

  • One year of Swiggy Super.
  • One hundred rupee discount on five meals from Swiggy.
  • Purchase of 500 products from Moms Co.
  • Receive a gift from Bodycraft.
  • Grofers offers a discount on groceries.
  • EazyDiner gives a gift of Rs. 500.
  • Zoom Car offers 20% off.

Cred Payment proof :

CRED app proof - Best Earning Apps in India

12. Mobilexpression – Best Earning Apps in India

Mobilexpression app - Best Earning Apps in India

MobileXpression app that tracks your mobile phone usage and rewards you for it. This free gift card apps collects data on the apps you use, how long you use them, and when. You can share this data with the company that created the app.

Which pays you points that can be redeemed for gift cards or other prizes. This best gift rewards app tracks The Behavior Of Your Usage on Your Mobile Like Usage Of Different Apps for a Particular Time Of Day.

Steps to Earn on the MobileXpression Apk :

  1. Download the MobileXpression Apk from the Google Play Store.
  1. Go to the Dashboard in the app.
  1. Register for MobileXpression using your mobile number and OTP verification.
  1. Enter the MobileXpression referral code by clicking on Menu and manually applying it.
  1. You will immediately receive 20 as a sign-up reward in the rewards section or in your wallet.

MobileXpression Offers & Rewards :

  • Keep the MobileXpression app for two to five days to claim your first five points.
  • One of the most preferred Top Refer & Earn Apps 2023

MobileXpression Payment proof :

Mobilexpression app Proof - Best Earning Apps in India

13. Toluna – Best Earning Apps in India

Toluna app - Best Earning Apps in India

Toluna is an earn money online app that rewards you for completing surveys. As unbelievable as it sounds, you can earn through this app just by sharing your valuable opinion on specific topics, matters, or even some brands.

Toluna, unlike most other sites, gives you points that you may use to get your gift. Instead of directly providing you money, they may provide you earn free gift cards or vouchers. Start now, play surveys from this best money earning app 2023.

Steps to Earn on the Toluna website :

  1. To start using the Toluna app, you have to download it on your mobile phone first, or directly open their official website on your PC/Laptop.
  1. Once you are on the site or the app, sign up on Toluna with your account.
  1. Activate your money earning app account by verifying and confirming your email and contact.
  2. You will be able to see a plethora of surveys about numerous topics.
  3. Choose one that interests you and fill out the form that decides your eligibility for that particular survey.
  4. If you are eligible, it will directly take you to the main Toluna survey app.
  5. Share your opinion, choose the options you see fit, and start earning!

Toluna Offers & Rewards :

  • Complete surveys and earn enough points to claim your Toluna rewards.
  • Also, earn gift cards or cash and withdraw via Paypal.
  • You can also use 500 points for an opportunity to enter a monthly draw or to win gifts like LED TV.

Toluna Payment Proof :

Toluna app proof - Best Earning Apps in India

14. Paybag – Best Earning Apps in India

Paybag app - Best Earning Apps in India

Paybag is a free Paytm cash earning website where you can earn Rs.10-500 easily by playing games and shopping. Even just referring it to your neighbours, friends, family, etc. is the best way to earn money online free.

Paybag offers exciting rewards and bonuses for winning games, signing up, and also a refer and earn option. It is very convenient and an extremely easy way to earn cash. Thus, get started with the Pay bag apk today.

Steps to Earn on the Paybag website :

  1. Firstly, register on the Paybag India website or Paybag Download.
  2. Sign up on Paybag through your Google account or Gmail Id.
  3. Enter Your personal details like your username, PayTM registered mobile number, Date Of Birth, etc.
  4. Complete the whole process and earn Rs.20 Free PayTM cash instantly on Paybag sign up.
  5. Verify Your Email id to receive Rs.20 In Your Paybag Wallet.
  6. Now just pay, play, or refer to Earn Unlimited Free PayTM Cash.

Paybag Offers & Rewards :

  • Play your favourite games in the Paybag app and earn free Paytm cash and rewards.
  • Get Rs.10 to Rs.100 assured cashback on your first 3 Recharge or Bill Payment via Paytm.
  • If you are a new Paytm user, earn Rs. 10-100 cashback by paying at Grocery Stores, Retail Stores, Restaurants, etc.
  • Avail no-cost EMI and up to Rs. 1250 OFF or up to Rs. 1,500 Instant free Discount apps on domestic flights @MakeMyTrip.
  • Enjoy up to Rs 2250 instant savings on the Electronics category on Flipkart
  • Get a 20% discount on Swiggy orders and more.

Paybag Payment Proof :

Paybag app proof- Best Earning Apps in India

15. Divya Bhaskar – Best Earning Apps in India

Divya Bhaskar app - Best Earning Apps in India

Divya Bhaskar is one of the leading Gujarati newsgroups in India. This app also allows users to play quiz & earn free Paytm cash instantly. Daily quizzes and news updates provide users with a wealth of information.

Recently, they have launched a Refer & Earn feature where you will get a Scratch card for every new user who joins using the link you shared. You can earn unlimited free Paytm cash by referring friends or by playing a daily quiz.

Steps to Earn on the Divya Bhaskar apk :

  1. Download Divya Bhaskar App.
  2. Select your City and Continue to win 2 Free Scratch Cards.
  3. Enter your mobile number and verify it with the OTP.
  4. Fill in your name, DOB, and select your gender to complete the Divya Bhaskar sign up procedure.
  5. You will get 2 Free Scratch Card on Sign Up, from which you can scratch one card instantly and another after a week.
  6. Minimum withdrawal is ₹20 which is instantly credited to your Paytm Wallet.

Divya Bhaskar Offers & Rewards :

  • Play the quiz and give correct answers to earn instant rewards and scratch cards
  • Use the scratch cards to get free cash prizes via Paytm wallet.
  • Refer the app to your friends and family and earn exciting gifts and rewards through the refer and earn money app feature.
  • Download the Divya Bhaskar app today and start earning!

Divya Bhaskar Payment Proof :

Divya Bhaskar app proof - Best Earning Apps in India

16. Dainik Bhaskar – Best Earning Apps in India

dainik Bhaskar app - Best Earning Apps in India

Dainik Bhaskar is a new Hindi news app where you can also earn money. Featuring instant cash prizes app for signing up, quizzes, and referring it to other people. Launched money earning opportunity in 2023, this app is one of the best now money game apk.

Play Quiz and Earn free cash daily which you can redeem in your Paytm wallet. The minimum redeemable amount of divya bhaskar app earn money is just Rs.20.

Steps to earn on the Dainik Bhaskar app :

  1. First of all, download Dainik Bhaskar app on your phone and verify your phone number with OTP.
  2. Enter your username, date of birth, and other required details and click on next.
  3. Select the categories of news you prefer and go to the home page.
  4. Tap on the Profile Icon and there you can find 2 scratch cards under the offers.
  5. One of them can be availed instantly but the other one will be redeemable within 7 Days.
  6. Finally, Scratch the cards to win up to Rs.40.

Dainik Bhaskar Offers & Rewards :

  • Dainik Bhaskar App Loot Offer With Refer and Earn.
  • Sign up and get up to ₹40.
  • Refer and Earn ₹15 Paytm or UPI Cashback.
  • Play Quiz and Earn app to win exciting rewards.
  • Instantly redeem your prizes and get them in your Paytm wallet.
  • Earn money by downloading the Dainik Bhaskar app right now!

Dainik Bhaskar Payment Proof :

dainik Bhaskar app proof - Best Earning Apps in India

17. mGamer – Best Earning Apps in India

mGamer app - Best Earning Apps in India

mGamer is an online free money gaming app where you can earn coins and cash prizes. You can earn by playing games and use them in other games. So, you have the opportunity to earn game coins, gems, and more just by playing games—Entertainment for more Entertainment!

With this real money earning games app, you can earn rewards by playing games, watching videos, or even completing surveys. You can also use the Refer and Earn feature to get bonus rewards. Also, this best money making app offers Paytm cash of Rs 10 by redeeming 1000 coins.

Steps to earn on the mGamer app :

  1. Install mGamer app for free on your Android device from Google Play store.
  2. Create an account or sign up to mGamer using your Facebook account or through mobile number verification.
  3. If asked for permission to access your photos and media then give the permission.
  4. Choose carefully and only after going through the terms and conditions thoroughly.
  5. Get free 100 coins for signing up and start earning on this earn game app!

MGamer Offers & Rewards :

  • Sign up to win bonus rewards
  • Best free survey app
  • Instant withdrawal within a seconds

Keep playing and completing surveys to earn coins and redeem your rewards through one of the following payment methods:

  • PUBG UC: 32 (3770 coins), 63 (7500 coins).
  • FreeFire Diamonds: 50 (4000 coins), 100 (8000 coins).
  • Mobile Legend Diamonds: 12 (2600 coins), 36 (7300 coins), 59 (11600 coins).
  • PUBG Lite: 96 (7550 coins).
  • Lords Mobile Diamonds: 31 (2500 coins), 63 (5000 coins), 126 (10000 coins).
  • Candy Crush Saga Gold Bars: 10 (15900 coins).
  • NFS Gold: 25 (5000 coins), 50 (9900 coins).

mGamer Payment Proof :

mGamer app proof - Best Earning Apps in India

18. Tao Students App – Best Earning Apps in India

Tao Students App proof - Best Earning Apps in India

Tao is regarded as the best earning app for students as it offers many outstanding rewards to students. Besides that, it enables users to win prizes by participating in fun quizzes, uploading short videos, and competing in challenges. You can compete in a wide variety of challenges.

Starting from academic-related quizzes for subjects like Maths, Science, General Knowledge, etc  to extracurricular competitions like dancing, singing, storytelling, etc are available. Also, this money making apps for college students gifts bags, notebooks, etc on playing fascinating quizzes.

Steps to Earn on the Tao app :

  1. To start competing and earning in Tao app, you have to first Download Tao app
  2. Install Tao app from Google Playstore
  3. Sign up with your details and start playing with 100 Tao coins.
  4. Choose from the numerous challenges and competitions in various fields.
  5. Compete more to win more rewards.
  6. Play and win as much as possible to get to the leaderboard.
  7. Win challenges and get rewards.
  8. Redeem your Tao coins on this

Tao Offers & Rewards :

  • Play Tao quizzes and earn Tao coins
  • Answer time-based multiple-choice questions to get to the leaderboard and win Tao Coins.
  • Upload videos to enter Tao competitions and win prizes and certificates.
  • Use Tao coins to redeem prizes at the Tao store
  • Choose and claim Tao rewards from multiple products and get a quick and hassle-free delivery
  • Download this best online earning app without investment for students now to win prizes while learning.

Tao Payment Proof :

Tao Students App proof - Best Earning Apps in India

19. RapidBox – Best Earning Apps in India

RapidBox app - Best Earning Apps in India

RapidBox is one of the best online shopping apps that also provides bonus points and rewards in your wallet for signing up using Rapid Box Referral Code. Sign Up Using RapidBox Referral Code & Get ₹20 Free Paytm Cash.

RapidBox Referral Code is – R4795368

In addition to this, Copy your referral code and share it with your friends or on social media and get 10 Rapid Points for each Referral. 1 Rapid Point = ₹1. The minimum withdrawal limit is 300 Rapid Points. Thus, rapidbox is one of the top earning apps in India.

Steps to Earn on the Rapidbox Apk :

  1. Download RapidBox App from Google Playstore.
  2. Open the app and go to the Dashboard.
  3. Login RapidBox with your mobile number and OTP verification.
  4. Enter RapidBox app referral code by clicking on Menu applying the referral code manually.
  5. You will instantly receive ₹20 – ₹30 as a sign up reward in your wallet or in the Rewards Section.

Rapidbox Offers & Rewards :

  • Refer & Earn with RapidBox app.
  • Collect and withdraw your Rapid Points as products or cash directly in your Bank Account.
  • Don’t miss the RapidBox Refer & Earn Offer. Download the app now.

Rapidbox Payment Proof :

RapidBox app proof - Best Earning Apps in India

20. AttaPoll – Best Earning Apps in India

Attapol app - Best Earning Apps in India

AttaPoll is an online Survey and Earn app that connects users with a wide range of organizations that need them to fill out the survey forms to know their views and opinions. You can choose which survey you want to take depending on your time, availability, and knowledge.

This survey earning app shows how much you can earn by completing which survey. The amounts tend to be higher for surveys that require specific qualifications and eligibility. If your answers are reviewed and accepted by the company, the money will be added to your wallet/balance in this highest paying online surveys app.

Steps to Earn on the Attapoll Apk :

  1. Firstly, Download AttaPoll Survey App from Playstore or Appstore.
  2. Open AttaPoll Survey App and Agree with their Terms and Conditions after reading them properly.
  3. Sign in Attapoll app with your details and go to the Dashboard
  4. Click on the Settings button and tap on “Enter AttaPoll Referral Code”.
  5. Enter the AttaPoll Survey App Referral Code if you have it and submit it.
  6. Return to the Dashboard and complete your profile survey to start earning cash daily.
  7. Get your AttaPoll Referral Code or AttaPoll App Survey Link from the ‘Invite Friends’ option.
  8. Share your AttaPoll Referral Code to avail up to 10% commission of your ‘Referred Friends’ earnings.

Attapoll Offers & Rewards :

  • Complete easy and fun surveys from companies all over the world.
  • Play according to your convenience, and get the opportunity to earn unlimited cash.
  • You can redeem your rewards through PayPal, and request a gift card.
  • You can also Refer and Earn a Referral Bonus in the Attapoll app.
  • Download the app now to take unlimited surveys daily and earn exciting rewards.

Attapoll Payment Proof :

Attapol app Proof - Best Earning Apps in India

21. Fello – Best Earning Apps in India

Fello is an online saving and investment app that helps us to save, grow and earn more than our general traditional savings bank account. Plus, it is a money game-based app, so save and earn while having fun.

Nothing can be better than this, right? For every Rs.1 saved and invested through the Fello app, you can earn gaming tokens. With this top money earning apps, participate in fun in-app games and win cool rewards.

Steps to Earn on the Fello Apk :

  1. Download Fello app from their official website or directly from Google Playstore or Appstore.
  2. Create your account by entering all the required information.
  3. Sign in with your account details and let the magic begin!

Fello Offers & Rewards :

  • Join the Fello app now to be able to save money in a fun way, without any hassle.
  • Save money, win rewards, and play amazing games, all in a single app— Fello!

Fello Payment Proof :

22. EWar – Best Earning Apps in India

Ewar is one of the leading ESports platforms of India. It is a skill-based gaming platform where you can play with or against real players in 1vs1 or Tournament matches to win exciting gifts, rewards, and even cash prizes. If you are a video-game lover, especially a mobile games fan, and want to have a casual source of income, the Ewar app is for you.

EWar App Referral Code is – 0FJGSH6RMV

In this app, you can earn real money by winning your favourite games. Thus, gaming is now profitable with this unlimited Paytm cash earning app. It also has the Refer and Earn feature where you can get bonus rewards for referring the app to your friends. As a result, Download the EWar app now and play to earn.

Steps to earn on the Ewar :

  1. Go to the official website of Ewar and click on the gaming earning app Download For Android button.
  1. The Ewar download will automatically begin. When downloaded, Install Ewar app.
  1. Open the app and select your language.
  1. Enter your mobile number that is linked to Paytm and the referral code, if you have any.
  1. After this a pop-up should appear. Go through it and click ‘Agree’ if you do not have any problem with it.
  1. Complete your registration with the OTP verification and Get instant Rs.50 bonus cash and Rs.10 Deposit Cash in your app wallet.
  1. Go to the Wallet tab and click on ‘Refer & Earn.’
  1. Click on ‘Share Referral Code’ and share your code with your friends.
  1. Your friend will get ₹60 instantly for using your code during their registration.

Ewar Offers & Rewards :

  • Play with or against real players in 1vs1 or Tournaments and win exciting prizes.
  • Refer your friends and family and earn up to Rs.500 Bonus cash for each user that joined using your EWar Referral code.

Ewar Payment Proof :

23. Facebook View Point – Best Earning Apps in India

Facebook Viewpoint is a new earning app 2023 launched by Facebook. It will reward you for participating in programs like tasks, research, surveys, polls, or trying new products. Besides that, you can earn points by successfully completing a program or task.

The data gathered fromthe Facebook Viewpoint apk app is used to improve the apps and services and for the betterment of the community. Points onthis new best android app for earning money cannot be exchanged, traded, or shared with others. Because they have no cash value unless you’ve earned enough points to receive a Facebook Viewpoint reward.

Steps to earn on the Facebook View Point :

1. Go to Google Playstore or Appstore and search for the Facebook viewpoint app.

2. After Facebook Viewpoint app download, click on the Install button.

3. Once installed, open the Facebook Viewpoints app on your iOS or Android device.

4. Sign in with your account credentials and other required information.

5. Go to the ‘Rewards’ section at the bottom to view your earned points.

6. When you have gathered enough points, your Facebook Viewpoint payment will directly be transferred to your Paypal account.

Facebook View Point Offers & Rewards :

  • Survey and Earn money app.
  • Complete as many programs as you like and earn cash whenever you want to, without any labour.
  • Download the Facebook Viewpoint app now!

Facebook View Point Payment Proof :

24. FieWin – Best Earning Apps in India

Fiewin is a gaming and earning app where you get points, rewards, and cash for playing some of the most fun and popular games. You have to invest some money first to start playing. Also If you win the game, you will receive the reward cash, which most probably will be greater than the amount you have invested earlier.

So do profit with this game earn money app for you! This app also offers a Refer and Earn option where you get Rs.1 for each person you refer. Your money will be directly deposited in your bank account. So start using this special game earning app 2023 Today!!

Steps to earn on the FieWin :

1. The first and foremost step is Fiewin Earning App Download.

2. To download, visit the official Fiewin website at www.fiewin.com.

3. After downloading and installing the app, Register with your mobile number and OTP verification.

4. Successful Fiewin login will give you an instant Rs.10 Sign Up Bonus.

5. Deposit more money or use the sign up bonus to start playing.

FieWin Offers & Rewards :

  • Play Games and Earn with the Fiewin app.
  • Use your Fiewin Referral Code to get bonus rewards from the Fiewin Refer and Earn feature.
  • Invest to play and earn at least double the investment.

FieWin Payment Proof :

25. OsMoxy – Best Earning Apps in India

OsMoxy App Refer Earn Free PayTM Cash

OsMoxy is an online gaming website where you can earn real Paytm cash just by playing games. Like the Fiewin app, you have to recharge on this website to play interesting and fun games like Fast Parity to earn more Free PayTM cash using OsMoxy Website.

The best part is that you don’t even have to download or install anything to earn money from this app. It can be played online through its website only.

Steps to earn on the OsMoxy :

1. Open your preferred browser and search for the official website or go to osmoxy.com.

2. Register with your mobile number and OTP verification to get Rs.10 OsMoxy sign up reward.

3. Go to the dashboard to claim your sign up bonus.

4. You can add money from the OsMoxy Recharge option from the bottom menu. You have to recharge a minimum of Rs.30.

5. Now you can start playing games and earn more.

6. You can withdraw your reward money from the Withdraw button by adding your UPI details.

7. Return to Dashboard and click on ‘Invite’ to get your OsMoxy Referral Link or OsMoxy Referral Code.

8. Share the link with as many people as possible to earn an OsMoxy Referral Bonus of ₹2 for each Referral and 4 Level Commission Earnings.

OsMoxy Offers & Rewards :

  • Osmoxy Loot Lo Offer! Earn by playing games.
  • Get Rs.10 just for signing up and an exciting referral reward with the Refer and Earn program.
  • So join the OsMoxy website now and start earning unlimited cash in your Bank Account!

OsMoxy Payment Proof :

26. Brave Browser – Best Earning Apps in India

Brave web browser is similar to Chrome but focuses more on the privacy and protection of users’ data and can also help you earn money just by watching some ads. Most interestingly, this free pocket money app offers to win money by just surfing on their browser. On the other hand, watching ads, you will be rewarded with Basic Attention Tokens aka BAT, which is a kind of cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin.

You can exchange the BAT for cash-value & free gift cards and use it to tip websites and content creators, or even store and swap it like any other crypto asset in your crypto wallet. BAT can be saved with interest, and also paid with Gemini Earn & Gemini Pay apps.

Steps to earn on the Brave Browser :

1. Go to Settings and toggle on Brave Private Ads under Brave rewards

2. Select the number of ads you want to receive per hour and start earning.

3. You’ll receive the BAT tokens you have earned throughout the month at the beginning of every month.

4. To withdraw BAT from Brave wallet, go to Rewards Settings.

5. Click on ‘Withdraw Funds’.

6. To get a referral link, download Brave and become a verified creator.

7. Get the link from the Creator Dashboard and share it to earn more BAT.

Brave Browser Offers & Rewards :

  • Download Brave browser and make it your default browser and earn 5-7 BAT every month just by watching a few ads.
  • Surf on Brave Browser and Win a lot
  • Win up to $7.5 worth of BAT by becoming a verified creator and sharing your Brave referral link.

Brave Browser Payment Proof :

27. Google Opinion Rewards – Best Earning Apps in India

Google Opinion Rewards is a free survey cash app developed by the team that also rewards the users for their answers. Topics of the surveys include everything from opinion polls to hotel reviews. On Android, users earn Google Play credits which can be redeemed by buying paid apps from Google Play.

On iOS, users are paid via PayPal. Anyone above 18 years of age can use this free survey app to make money. Android users can exchange Google Play credits for cash through some third-party apps that exchange the google play credits for PayPal cash for a percentage of their earnings.

Steps to earn on the Google Opinion Rewards :

1. Download Google Opinion Rewards app from Playstore or App Store.

2. To Win money with Google Opinion Rewards fill out the basic profile survey form to let them know about yourself.

3. Now you will receive weekly surveys which are short and relevant to you

4. You will also get notifications when a new survey is available for you.

Google Opinion Rewards Offers & Rewards :

  • Survey & Earn with Google Opinion Rewards.
  • Answer short and simple questions and receive up to ₹32.20 in Google Play credit.
  • Download the Google Opinion Rewards app now and earn money free comfortably.

Google Opinion Rewards Payment Proof :

28. Loco App – Best Earning Apps in India

Loco App is one of the top money earning and gaming apps where you can get money for live streaming, watching ads, and playing fun quizzes. You can earn a decent monthly salary depending on the Views and Live Watch Hour. Besides live streaming, you can also earn from the Loco Refer and Earn program and even just by watching ads.

Interesting quizzes are also available in this app where you can earn exciting rewards and cash prizes for answering the questions correctly. The money and Loco rewards earned from the Loco app can also be easily transferred to your bank account.

Steps to earn on the Loco :

1. To start using the Loco app, you have to first download it.

2. You can easily install the Loco apk from Google Playstore.

3. Open the app once it is installed and create your own account

4. You will be rewarded with Loco gold on successful Loco sign up.

Loco App Offers & Rewards :

  • Download, Sign up, Stream, and Play in the Loco app
  • Also, a free Amazon voucher or Swiggy voucher can be won.
  • Earn awesome rewards and money from the comfort of your home.
  • Watch ads to earn bonus prizes.
  • Refer the Loco app to your friends and get a chance to win extra gold.
  • If you are a gamer or like watching gaming live streams, the Loco app is a must-have for you.

Loco Payment Proof :

29. Binance App – Best Earning Apps in India

Binance is considered to be the best free cryptocurrency earning app. You can start earning by just selling or buying crypto currency. If you are pro in quizzes, then Binance quizzes can win you up to Rs 1000-2000.

In addition, Binance Learn & Quiz Quiz is accessible by everyone. Also, you can win up to millions through this free crypto earning apps. Lastly, selling or buying and earning a lot is another option to win with this learn & earn crypto apps.

Steps to earn on the Binance :

1. Download Binance from Google Playstore.

2. Binance Sign in or Create your account.

3. Start growing your crypto fund.

4. Also, play Learn & earn a quiz & win your pocket money. 

Binance App Offers & Rewards :

  • Stake 24 popular tokens, including BTC, ETH, USDT, or BNB, and earn interest and rewards.
  • Play Learn & Earn quiz to win between 1000-2000 Rs.
  • Earn rewards on your unused BNB with a BNB Vault aggregator that combines the best of Launchpool, Savings, and Defi Staking.
  • Stake BNB, BUSD, BTC, and other assets and receive the newest tokens coming to Binance as they are released.

Binance Payment Proof :

30. HoneyGain App – Best Earning Apps in India

Honeygain is a useful and popular earning app where you can earn by sharing your unused internet. You just have to install the app on your device and set it up to earn money. This refer and earn apps without investment basically makes use of your unused bandwidth and shares it with its clients for web intelligence and content delivery. In return, you will receive money and rewards.

You can also install it on multiple devices to maximize your earning potential. With the Honeygain Refer and Earn apps, you can also earn 10% of the daily earnings of people who have joined with your Honeygain Referral code.

Steps to earn on the HoneyGain :

1. Go to their official website at www.honeygain.com

2. Open the Honeygain Sign up page.

3. Sign in with your details and get an instant $5 Honeygain Sign up bonus.

HoneyGain App Offers & Rewards :

  • Start earning effortlessly by sharing your leftover internet and digital resources with others through Honeygain app.
  • Refer to your friends and get extra bonus rewards and money.

HoneyGain Payment Proof :

31. YouGov Survey App – Best Earning Apps in India

YouGov is one of the world’s leading research organizations that publish various significant reports on a range of important fields, topics, and studies. You can also earn money by taking numerous surveys on a number of different fields like IT, business, etc.

You can also earn through the Yougov Refer and Earn program, alongside daily and frequent interesting surveys in the app.

Steps to earn on the YouGov Survey :

1. To join the Yougov app, first, you have to download Yougov app and install Yougov app from Google Playstore or Apple Appstore.

2. You can also participate in the surveys directly from their website, yougov.com, on your PC/Laptop.

3. Sign in to the Yougov app with your email address and password.

4. Verify your email address through the verification mail sent to you and you’re done.

5. You will receive emails whenever a new survey is available.

6. Earn Yougov points and exchange them for money via Paypal or in your bank account.

YouGov Survey App Offers & Rewards :

  • Complete surveys to earn Yougov points and get money transferred to your Paypal or your bank account.
  • Refer the app to your friends and get a chance to win extra Yougov points.
  • Claim Yougov sign up bonus just by the successful creation of your Yougov account.
  • Get Amazon gift cards, merchandise, movie and restaurant vouchers, Sweepstakes entries and more from Yougov app.

YouGov Survey Payment Proof :

32. FastWin App – Best Earning Apps in India

Best Earning Apps in India

Users of the FastWin app who have registered for the service are eligible to participate in a daily drawing for a chance to win various prizes. Once every week, users get the chance to try their luck at winning money by cracking open the Treasure Box (up to a maximum of one thousand rupees).

FastWin.App is a new colour prediction website which is same like FastWin or OsMoxy which we all are looting till day. You can play many games using your default browser on your device or in your android device using FastWin.App

Steps to earn on the FastWin :

1. To begin, open the link that was provided in the browser that you normally use to sign up for the FastWin.App referral programme.

2. You’ll need to use the FastWin Referral Code in order to get the 20 sign-up bonus, after which you’ll be able to provide your mobile number and create a password.

3. You need to collect your sign-up bonus, so navigate to the Dashboard, tap on the Task Rewards Option, and do that.

4. You can use full sign up bonus of ₹20 to any games available on FastWin.App

FastWin App Offers & Rewards :

  • To have access to the bonus content, all you have to do is hit the Check In button that is situated on the main screen.
  • Users of the FastWin App have the ability to win additional rewards by completing additional tasks, which is another perk the app provides.
  • You only need to use your link to invite other people to play FastWin, and if those individuals end up playing the game, you’ll get a bonus.

FastWin Payment Proof :

Best Earning Apps in India

33. MiWin App – Best Earning Apps in India

Best Earning Apps in India

MiWin.App is a fresh new colour prediction website and app, and it allows users to earn free Paytm cash by making correct predictions regarding the outcomes of various games. You can play games such as MiWin Fast Parity Game, MiWin Parity Game, MiWin Sapre Game, MiWin Dice Game, and MiWin Andar Bahar Game and MiWin Wheelocity Games to win Free PayTM Cash Daily. This is a verified app or website that I have personally used.

Download the Miwin app by following the link given above and clicking here. Verifying your mobile number is a required step in creating a new account. You will be eligible for a free ₹10 cash bonus once you have successfully logged into the app.

Steps to earn on the MiWin :

1. You will need to use the MiWin Referral Code in order to get the 10 sign up bonus after you have entered your mobile number and created a password.

2. You will receive 10 in your MiWin Wallet as soon as you go to the Dashboard, and you can spend this money to play games on the MiWin platform.

3. You may use the extra bonus you get by checking in every day to play games on the MiWin Apk app. To earn the bonus, go to the Check In tab and check in every day.

4. You can use full sign up bonus of ₹10 to any games available on Miwin Apk App

MiWin App Offers & Rewards :

  • Signup Bonus – ₹10
  • Daily check in+ Lifafa – ₹10~₹30,000
  • Minimum Recharge – ₹200
  • Minimum Withdrawal – ₹200
  • Per invite/refer – ₹1 / ₹100 ( 1 Crore agent event now )
  • 3 Level High Team Commission – 40% / 25% / 10%

MiWin Payment Proof :

Best Earning Apps in India

34. FlixPe App – Best Earning Apps in India

Best Earning Apps in India

By completing simple tasks, users of Flixpe have the opportunity to earn an unlimited amount of free mobile recharge as well as wallet cash. In Pocket Money, the free recharge app, you can take advantage of enticing deals, obtain free mobile recharges, and obtain an unlimited amount of Wallet Cash. Now you can make money using your smartphone while also paying your bills, taking taxis, buying movie tickets, shopping, and doing other things.

Receive a referral bonus whenever a friend uses your FlexPe App Referral Code and then goes on to accomplish a task or complete an offer. You can quickly earn money using simple methods such as “spin win” and “redeem in wallet.” Earning money is simple with FlixPe, and there is always a prompt payout and a generous offer of rewards available.

FlixPe App Offers & Rewards :

  • Signup Bonus – ₹5
  • Minimum Withdrawal – ₹1
  • Per invite/refer – ₹5

FlixPe Payment Proof :

35. Citta Games – Best Earning Apps in India

Best Earning Apps in India

Only games of skill are offered on the Citta Games platform, which allows players to compete for real money. It is permissible to compete in games of skill for monetary awards across the entirety of India.

Real players. Real money. Real thrill on Citta Games App. To earn rewards on Citta Games App, invite your friends to play with you on the Citta Games platform.

Citta Games App Offers & Rewards :

  • Signup Bonus – ₹10
  • Minimum Withdrawal – ₹10
  • Per invite/refer – ₹5

Citta Games Payment Proof :

Best Earning Apps in India

36. EduFund – Best Earning Apps in India

With EduFund, you may get started investing right away and save up lacs. Give your child the gift of an education without the burden of debt. When you have set aside money specifically for your schooling, you can enjoy more freedom financially. The growth of your child contributes to the growth of your wealth.

Your personal risk profile is taken into consideration when selecting the finest mutual funds for you. You will receive 4000 Coins worth 100 for free if you sign up using the EduFund app referral code. These Coins may then be sold for money and deposited into your bank account.

Final Words :

To summarize, the aforementioned best 32 earning apps in India are a boon for anyone looking to make a significant amount of money. The money can be directly withdrawn to your bank account, PayPal account, or Paytm account.

Finally, these best self earning apps are exclusively available for Android. Furthermore, paytm cash earning apps are ideal for all students. As a result, begin downloading today and give yourself a special present.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1)Which is the best and No 1 earning app?

If we’re talking about a long-term earning app right now, Google Opinion Rewards is at the top of the list of free earning applications.

2) Does this earning app provides real cash?

Yes, the real money earning apps in India 2023 listed above pay actual money. Many others have earned money, and we have attached payment documentation as verification.

3) Is paytm earnings games safe?

Yes, the above-mentioned paytm winning games are trustworthy to use and earn.

4) How to win daily Rs 2000?

If you are looking to win Rs 2000, then our top earning apps list will help you a lot. Using these apps might earn you up to Rs 2000 daily. 


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