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Best Apple iPhone SE 3 screen protectors in 2023

Best Apple iPhone SE 3 screen protectors in 2023


The iPhone SE 3 is a budget-friendly phone from Apple, and these excellent screen protectors can help extend its display’s lifetime.

The Apple iPhone SE 3 is one of the best iPhones currently available. While it has an outdated exterior, it comes packed with some modern technologies, such as 5G support and the A15 Bionic chip. So for just $429, you can get your hands on one of the fastest mobile chipsets to date. As a result, this phone will likely remain supported for years to come, and it could last you for a long time if you buy it now. To ensure that, though, there are certain steps you should take first, such as buying it a case and a screen protector. These will potentially minimize the damages if an accident occurs, helping you keep your purchase fresh in the process. To simplify the process for you, we’ve prepared a list of the best iPhone SE 3 screen protectors currently available.

  • New Project-33

    ESR Tempered Glass iPhone SE (2022) screen protector

    Editor’s Choice

    This pack includes two tempered glass screen protectors that are both scratch-resistant and case-friendly. It also offers an easy installation frame to help you align the protectors accurately.

  • New Project-2-20

    JETech PET film iPhone SE (2022) screen protector

    Flexible Pick

    If you’re not a fan of tempered glass screen protectors, this option provides a thin protective layer that will make your iPhone SE’s screen resistant to light scratches.

  • New Project-6-8

    Spigen Tempered Glass iPhone SE (2022) screen protector

    Premium Pick

    This pack includes two tempered glass screen protectors with a 9H hardness, in addition to an auto-alignment tool. It’s ideal for those who typically don’t get it right from the first try.

  • New Project-3-14

    GPROVA Privacy Tempered Glass iPhone SE (2022) Screen Protector

    Privacy Pick

    This pack comes with two anti-spy, tempered glass screen protectors. It protects both your screen and privacy by keeping prying eyes away.

  • New Project-4-10

    Ailun iPhone SE (2020) screen protector

    Best Value

    This pack comes with three case-friendly, tempered glass screen protectors that are 2.5mm thin and resistant to scratches and oil. You get easy-installation tools, too.

  • New Project-5-10

    Mkeke Tempered Glass iPhone SE (2022) Screen Protector


    This affordable pack includes three tempered glass screen protectors, an alignment frame, wet/dry wipes, and an installation guide.

If I had to buy one of these screen protectors for my iPhone SE 3 (2022), I would totally go for the ESR Tempered Glass Screen Protector. It comes with an easy-installation frame, is from a reputable company, and has a solid tempered glass build. It additionally has a low price for the product offered, so you don’t need to spend a fortune on this accessory. This makes it one of the best screen protectors available for this affordable phone.

Protecting your iPhone’s display is important for its durability. Cracks and scratches will only ruin its aesthetic build and make it look like a worn-out device — even if it’s still brand new. It’s always wise to be safe rather than sorry when it’s too late. There are protectors with all sorts of thicknesses and features, so you will likely find one that matches your needs.

New Project-12

Apple iPhone SE (2022)

The mid-range iPhone SE 3 (2022) packs Apple’s A15 Bionic chip, 5G support, and a classic design. It is available in three finishes to choose from.



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