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Best bags for 17-inch laptops in 2023

Protect your oversized device with this wide range of great 17-inch laptop bags

Some of the best laptops around have an oversized 17-inch display, which can boost the overall dimensions considerably compared to even a 15- or 16-inch laptop. Trying to stuff a 17-inch laptop into a smaller laptop bag that’s not made to accommodate it doesn’t usually end well, as you might have to forego a padded internal pocket to make it fit. The best 17-inch laptop bags solve this issue by being able to fit just about any laptop on the market today, including those with a larger display for gaming, for productivity work, and for design and development. We were sure to include a wide range of great laptop bags to better suit students, travelers, professionals, and casual big laptop lovers who just want to keep their device safe while on the go.

Finding the perfect bag for your 17-inch laptop

A lot of the best laptop bags top out at being able to handle 15-inch devices, and those who prefer the larger built-in display might find it hard to find something suitable. The beauty of a great 17-inch laptop bag is that you can pretty much fit any laptop inside — save for some enormous workstation laptops — with plenty of space left over for your gear and accessories. Many of these bags that I’ve collected here can be used for overnight stays and short trips, but I was also sure to include options for students and commuters who are carrying a laptop, a few books and accessories, and a water bottle.

Those who simply want a long-lasting backpack with modest 20L capacity and plenty of storage pockets should check out the Timbuk2 Authority. I’ve been used a slightly different Timbuk2 bag for years and have so far has no failures at any point. These bags are so durable that Timbuk2 offers a lifetime warranty against defects. You can usually find it for less than $100, which is not bad at all considering it will most likely outlive your laptop.

The Troubadour Apex is even more expensive, but its waterproof fabric and zippers are a huge boon for commuters and travelers who run the risk of getting caught out in the rain. It has a professional style with plenty of space for your water bottle, accessories, and other gear. It comes with a five-year warranty to help alleviate some of the high-price pain.

And if you’d like to spend less and still get a great bag for school and casual use, the Matein travel backpack is hard to beat. The laptop compartment folds out flat for easy access (and easy TSA encounters), and has multiple zippered compartments for gear, and it’s comfortable to wear. You can get it in six different colors, and you can expect to pay somewhere around $30 most of the time.

If you’re looking for more casual protection for use with other bags not necessarily made for laptops, our collection of the best laptop cases and sleeves can get you what you need.

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