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Best cheap wireless headphones: buying guide

Best cheap wireless headphones: buying guide


For less than 60 euros you can find very good quality wireless headphones. These are the best and their main features.

Best cheap wireless headphones: 2023 models
In the market you can find cheap, high-quality wireless headphones // Image: Christian Collado.

Wireless headphones are not exclusive to those users with a big budget. The market has been democratized, which allows us to find high-quality wireless headphones for less than 60 euros. If you do not know what they are, in this guide we recommend best cheap wireless headphones that you can buy in 2023.

brands like Xiaomi, Huawei and really excel at creating these most affordable wireless headphones. they are helmets very beautiful and comfortable with which you forget about annoying cables, with good sound quality guaranteed to enjoy music, videos and podcasts. In addition, they have extensive autonomy to use them for hours and hours. There is no shortage of very useful features, such as touch controls. In short, they are headphones very balanced.

Best cheap wireless headphones

Wireless headphones are very useful devices to use with your mobile, your tablet, your computer and even with your smart TV. Once you leave the wires behind, you will not be able to return to them. Next, we will tell you which are the best cheap wireless headphones, its main characteristics and if they usually star in good offers.

Huawei FreeBuds SE

Design of the Huawei FreeBuds SE in blue

The Huawei FreeBuds SE sound very good for their price / Image: Christian Collado

The analysis of the Huawei FreeBuds SE It allowed us to discover headphones with a very good relationship between quality and price. First of all, they are especially light having a weight of just over 5 grams per earphone. In the box you will find pads of different sizes, choose the most suitable for you and thus you will achieve the best support. By the way, they have IPX4 certified against splashes of water and sweat.

The FreeBuds SE are equipped with 10-millimeter dynamic drivers that offer good sound quality. In our experience, the headphones emit balanced sound, with powerful bass and well-preserved treble. They don’t have active noise cancellation, but choosing the right silicone tips is key to reducing noise coming in from the outside. Instead, they do have noise reduction in phone calls.

Huawei FreeBuds SE

Be careful, because they also have touch controls and proximity detection, very useful so that the music stops automatically when you take off the headphones. As for autonomy, they are prepared to offer some 5 and a half hours of music in a rowarriving at 24 hours in total with the charging case.

The Huawei FreeBuds SE have a recommended retail price of 49.99 euros and you can buy them in various colors, such as white and the light blue in the image above. They are currently for sale on amazon and in the official Huawei store. If you want to know more models of the firm, you can discover the best wireless headphones from huawei.

realme Buds Air 3

Realme Buds Air 3 Headphones

Active noise cancellation and up to 30 hours of battery life in these realme.

Among the best cheap wireless headphones are the realme Buds Air 3. They are very nice headphones that you can buy in dark blue and white. Have IPX5 water resistance, so you can use them outdoors or for sports. Its 10-millimeter dynamic drivers make these headphones sound great. you will enjoy good sound when playing music, playing games or watching series.

The differential characteristic of these realme Buds Air 3 is that they have active noise cancellation. When you activate this function, the outside noise disappears and you can listen to music without disturbance. They also cancel noise while you use them to talk on the phone, so the sounds around you don’t interfere with communication.

realme Buds Air 3

Another point in favor of this model is that it can simultaneously connect to two devices. For example, you can use them at the same time with your mobile for calls and with your computer to watch a series. If you use active noise cancellation, the autonomy will be 5 and a half hours, with the possibility of extending it up to 22 hours with the charging case. If you dispense with the cancellation, autonomy will be 30 hours in total.

The realme Buds Air 3 have a recommended retail price of 59.99 euros, but it is usual to find them cheaper on amazon.

Xiaomi Redmi Buds 4

Redmi Buds 4 in its case

The Redmi Buds 4 are comfortable and have good sound quality // Image: Christian Collado.

The Xiaomi Redmi Buds 4 They are also a spectacular purchase for less than 60 euros. They have a button format and adapt well to the shape of the ear, as well as be very comfortable thanks to the weight of only 4.5 grams per earphone. The charging case is also very comfortable, which fits perfectly in any pocket. Of course, they are also resistant to water drops.

In the analysis of the Redmi Buds 4 we also saw that 10-millimeter dynamic drivers offer a very good sound quality, one of the best in the category. Specifically, Xiaomi is committed to balanced audio that allows us to enjoy the different tones. Besides, have active noise cancellationa detail that makes them stand out from their rivals.

Xiaomi Redmi Buds 4

Can connect these Redmi Buds 4 to the Xiaomi app on mobile to enable noise cancellation and transparency mode, customize touch controls, and update firmware. In addition, they have proximity detection, a very useful tool, and Bluetooth 5.2 to connect to a large number of devices.

In terms of autonomy, the headphones reach 6 hours of playback with noise cancellation. When it runs out, you can use the charging case and, in total, count on 30 hours of autonomy. The Xiaomi Redmi Buds 4 go on the market for 59.99 euros and you can buy them on amazon and in PcComponents.

Sony WF-C500

Sony WF-C500 orange

The Sony WF-C500 usually have very good discounts.

Button format are also the Sony WF-C500, cheap wireless headphones with guaranteed Sony quality. They mount 5.8-millimeter drivers in each earphone, offering a sound of good quality when listening to music and podcasts, play games and also when watching series and movies.

The Sony WF-C500 are headphones compact and very comfortable that you can buy in various colors: black, white, light blue and orange (image above). They do not have active noise cancellation, but their design helps to greatly reduce the noise that enters from the outside. In addition, they have a built-in microphone for phone callsyou can talk hands-free.

Sony WF-C500

Another point in favor is that the Sony WF-C500 can offer you 10 hours of playback of music non-stop, with an additional charge from the charging case to have 20 hours of autonomy in total. On the other hand, you can connect them to the Sony Headphones Connect app on your mobile to customize the sound and configure the touch controls to your liking.

The purchase of the Sony WF-C500 is also worth it because of the great offers that it stars. Its official price is 99.99 euros, but usually around 50 euros at MediaMarkt and on amazon having been on the market for a while.


JBL Tune 130NC

The JBL Tune 130 have active noise cancellation.

Another good alternative if you are looking for good cheap wireless headphones is offered by JBL, a proven brand in the audio section. We refer to the JBL TUNE 130NC TWS, headphones with a more peculiar design that fit very well in the ear. You can buy them at white, blue and blackThey usually have the same price.

With the trademark JBL Pure Bass sound, these headphones emit a quality sound in which the bass stands out especially. Attention, because they have technology of active noise cancellation, you can enable it to isolate yourself from the outside world. When you want to hear the sounds around you without removing your headphones, just turn on transparency mode.


Among the great assets of the JBL TUNE 130NC TWS is the extensive autonomy, they can reach provide up to 40 hours of music with the help of the charging case. This one has a compact size, so you can always take it with you to store the helmets when you need it. We do not forget to mention that JBL headphones equip up to 4 microphones so that the sound of phone calls is the best.

The JBL TUNE 130NC TWS have an original price of 119 euros, but the most normal thing is that you can buy them for around 60 euros on amazon and at MediaMarkt.



The TOZO T12 are an unknown option, but of quality for less than 30 euros.

If you want to spend even less money on your new wireless headphones, we suggest the TOZO T12. This brand is not very popular, but it is a success on Amazon. In fact, these TOZO T12 already accumulate more than 60,000 reviews in the store with a very positive average rating. As you can see in the image, they are button format and have a compact design.

The TOZO T12 provide a good sound experience, with a very positive balanced profile if we take into account its price. they use Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to other devices, such as your mobile or your computer. If you want, you can control playback remotely with its touch controls.


Both the earphones and the charging case have protection against water drops, so you can use them outdoors without fear of damaging them. On a single charge, you can use them for about 6 hours straight. When it runs out, just use the case and enjoy in total about 28 hours of battery. Also, the box supports wireless charging.

The TOZO T12 have an original price of 49.99 euros, but on amazon are located usually for about 30 euros. You can choose between several different shades, such as gold or red.

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