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Best iPhone SE (2020) thin cases 2022

Totallee Thin iPhone SE caseSource: Totallee

iPhone SE (2020) thin cases

Many of us prefer thin cases because they feel more comfortable in hand and fit more easily into small pockets and bags. But it’s a trade-off: the thinner the case, the less protection it can offer. However, thin case aficionados find it worth the risk to maintain those sleek iPhone lines and not have to carry around a bulky, heavy-duty, case. There’s thin, there’s thinner, and the thinnest case of all is the Totallee Thin iPhone case. This case won’t protect from much more than scratches, but it’s so thin as to be practically invisible. Note that the newer iPhone SE released in 2022 is the same size as the 2020 model. They are also the same size as the older iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. Here are the best iPhone SE (2020) thin cases.

Best overall: totallee Thin iPhone SE case

Totallee Thin iPhone SE case

Source: Totallee

Totallee’s Thin iPhone case is no thicker than my fingernail; it’s just about as thin as a case can be and still be a case. The only thinner option you have is a decal. This feather-light case weighs a mere tenth of an ounce. Made of a hard but flexible plastic called polypropylene, the matte finish (Frosted Clear or Frosted Black) cases measure 0.02 inches thick.

The clear option is made of a soft, rubber-like plastic called TPU, and it’s a bit thicker at 0.03 inches. You’ll find no branding on this case; all you see is your beautiful iPhone. There is a camera lip to protect your lens when you set your phone down face up, but there is no lip around the front to protect your screen. Definitely consider using a screen protector as well.

This case is the best of best iPhone SE (2020) thin cases if ultimate thinness is your goal. It’s not going to be the most protective in case of drops, but it will certainly keep your iPhone from getting scratched. In my review, I loved the look and feel of this case, but I tend to use it more around the house (where drops onto hard surfaces are less likely) than out and about.


  • As thin as 0.02 inches
  • Weighs 0.1 ounce
  • No branding
  • Camera lip


  • No lip around the edges of the screen
  • Minimal protection

Best overall

Totallee Thin iPhone SE case

totallee Thin iPhone SE case

The thinnest

There’s no bulk, no branding, just 0.02 inches of plastic between you and your iPhone.

Best compromise: Speck iPhone SE Presidio Pro

Speck iPhone SE Presidio Pro

Source: Speck

While the Speck iPhone Presidio Pro case isn’t among the thinnest possible cases, it’s a compromise between thin and heavy-duty. In my review of the case, I noted that I feel comfortable using this as my everyday case because Speck is a brand known for protection, and this is Speck’s thinnest case. This dual-layer case offers 10-foot drop protection with its trademarked IMPACTIUM™ material on the inner perimeter of the case.

This material compresses on impact, which absorbs and disperses shock. The case has an anti-microbial treatment to inhibit bacteria growth. Plus, the raised bezel offers face-down screen protection. Additionally, All Speck cases come with a lifetime warranty.


  • Thin for a protective case
  • 10-foot drop protection
  • Anti-microbial treated
  • Raised bezel protects screen
  • Lifetime warranty

Best compromise

Speck iPhone SE Presidio Pro

Speck iPhone SE Presidio Pro

Thin but protective

While this certainly isn’t the thinnest case you can buy, it’s still a slim case, and it offers real protection.

Best value: ESR Essential Zero

ESR Essential Zero for iPhone SE 2020 on red iPhone

Source: ESR

The ESR Essential Zero is your basic, no-frills, thin, TPU case. The flexible crystal-clear case measures just 0.043 inches (1.1 millimeters) thick and allows your iPhone SE’s beauty to shine through.

The TPU resists yellowing and fingerprints, as well as offering some grip. The air-guard corners help absorb shock to protect against damage if you drop your iPhone. There is a slight lip around the edges to protect your screen from scratches if you set it face-down.


  • Well-priced simple TPU case
  • Clear so you can show off your iPhone SE
  • Just 0.043 inches (1.1 millimeters) thick
  • Resists yellowing and fingerprints
  • Air-guard corners and raised bezel for drop protection

Best value

ESR Essential Zero for iPhone SE 2020 clear case on white iPhone

ESR Essential Zero

TPU simplicity

Get some all-around protection with this nicely-priced, thin, basic, clear case.

Best fit: Apple iPhone SE Silicone Case

Apple iPhone SE Silicone Case

Source: Apple

Apple’s design team has created the ultimate thin case for the iPhone. The case is designed to show off rather than obscure the iPhone’s graceful lines. Wrap your precious iPhone in silicone lined with soft microfiber to ensure it won’t be scratched.

The soft-touch silicone adds significant grip to an otherwise slippery phone and just feels nice in hand. While this case isn’t as protective as a much thicker case, this is about as protective as you can get in such a slim form factor. Choose from black, white, or Pink Sand.


  • Apple-designed for perfect fit
  • Thin, soft-touch, easy-grip case
  • Lined with microfiber to prevent scratches

Best fit

Apple iPhone SE Silicone Case

Apple iPhone SE Silicone Case – various colors

All in on Apple

For the true Apple fanboy or girl, only an Apple case will do. This one’s a beauty.

Best trendy bargain: GVIEWIN Marble iPhone SE 2020 Case

GVIEWIN Marble iPhone SE 2020 Case


The ultra-thin flexible GVIEWIN iPhone case has an ultra-trendy marble design. Corner bumpers offer a little extra protection where you need it most. A raised camera lip means that if you set your phone down face up, you won’t scratch your camera lens.

In our hands-on testing of the product, we noted that a slight lip around the edge of the screen means that setting your phone face down won’t get your screen all scratched up. Advanced printing technology means that the case’s marble pattern won’t scrape off or fade away. Choose from a couple of colors.


  • Gorgeous lightweight case
  • Raised lips protect camera lens and iPhone screen
  • Extra corner protection

Best trendy bargain

GVIEWIN Marble iPhone SE 2020 Case

GVIEWIN Marble iPhone SE 2020 Case

Cool marble

This cool and trendy marble-look case offers lightweight protection for your iPhone SE.

Best colorful bargain: TORRAS Slim Fit iPhone SE Case 2020

TORRAS Slim Fit iPhone SE Case 2020 in purple

Source: TORRAS

If you’ve been looking for a simple, ultra-thin case in a fun color, look no further. The flexible, silky-feeling, hard plastic case comes in six colors: Lucky Red, Midnight Green, Navy Blue, Rose Gold, Space Black, and Violet Red (purple). Tiny raised lips protect your camera and your screen from scratches no matter which way you set your iPhone down. The lightweight case resists scratches and fingerprints. You’ll barely know this case is there, other than the gorgeous color. At this price point, you could buy several colors to go with different outfits.


  • Ultra-thin, lightweight case
  • Protective lips around camera lens and iPhone screen
  • Six appealing colors available


  • Not protective against major drops

Best colorful bargain

TORRAS Slim Fit iPhone SE Case 2020 in red

TORRAS Slim Fit iPhone SE Case 2020


Pick your favorite color, or for the price, pick up several of these ultra-thin cases.

Coolest: Casery iPhone SE Case

Casery Snakeskin iPhone SE 2020 Case

Source: Casery

Casery makes a ton of fun fashion-conscious accessories for the techie gal or guy. The Casery iPhone case isn’t ultra-thin, but it is a slim case that also protects your iPhone beautifully. In my testing of the fun case, I liked being able to choose from such a large selection of designs, such as agate (cut geode), florals, animal prints, marbles, and much more.

The matte finish means you see the pretty design and not your fingerprints. Dual-layer construction and MIL-STD-810G military standards mean your iPhone is secure. A raised lip around the camera and the iPhone screen protect your glass on both sides.


  • Dozens of vibrant, colorful, fashionable designs
  • Drop tested to MIL-STD-810G military standards
  • Raised lip around camera and screen


This is the Casery Jasper Agate iPhone SE 2020 case by Casery

Casery iPhone SE Case

On trend

Elevate your style and protect your iPhone with a fun Casery case.

The best iPhone SE (2020) thin cases for your needs

To keep your iPhone SE (2020) looking gorgeous, you need an iPhone SE case. While a thin case isn’t as protective as a heavy-duty case, it’s still more protective than no case at all. The advantage of a thin case is that it’s more comfortable in hand, weighs less, and fits more easily into pockets and bags. Of course, wireless charging will always work with any thin case, as long as you’re not putting grips, wallets, or other items on the back.

When you want a thin case, you’ll need to decide how thin you really want to go. The totallee Thin iPhone case is that case to get when you really don’t want a case, but feel you should have a little something. It doesn’t offer much drop protection, but it does protect from scratches and very minor drops. It’s always a good idea to use a screen protector, but if you’re going with a thin case, an iPhone SE screen protector is a must!

Note that the iPhone SE (2020) is the same size as iPhone SE (2022), the iPhone 8, and iPhone 7, so the cases will be interchangeable.

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