Best Planner and Calendar Apps for iOS

Best Planner and Calendar Apps for iOS

DayNinja combines the best productivity methods in the world: Pomodoro technique ™ by Francesco Cirillo, GTD by David Allen, Deep work, timeboxing and more all in one FREE app.

Backed by scientifically proven time management methods this free pomodoro focus timer app will help you to be more productive. Some features include:

– Day View: Integrates with your calendar. See your focus tasks planned out between appointments.
– New Day: DayNinja cleans up old tasks and resets your timers ready for you to re-prioritise focus goals each day.
– KPI Performance streaks: Measure your focus each day and compare with daily performance charts.
– Metrics: Learn how many hours you spend doing focused work, breaks and the time you will finish your workday based on your goals and appointments.
– To-do: prioritise your days’ tasks by drag & drop.
– Target block count & estimates: keep motivated with focus goals, set your personal daily targets.
– Optimised user interface: Quick swipe actions to keep you in flow throughout your day.
– Customise your block & break durations as you grow your ability to focus.
– Tags let you see at a glance related tasks and projects in your todo list.
– Satisfying sounds keep your day light and a smile on your face as you slash through tasks.
– Flow state friendly: keep working when you get in the zone and your focus time is still tracked.
– Focus time summary: receive a report of your total focus time each week.

The ideal productivity tool for founders, professional freelancers, designers and coders.

From the author:

“Do you know how many hours of your day are actually productive, focused time?

Whether it be phone calls, emails, your smartphone or well-meaning colleagues tapping you on the shoulder for a “Do you have a minute?” kind of chat, our days are bombarded with interruptions. Before we know it, the day is over and we are left feeling rather down and thinking “Eek!? …Is that all I got done today?”

Now let’s just assume that it is possible to work in a quiet place away from external interruptions. Our own minds are an even bigger source of distraction, with a new thought entering our minds every 3 minutes! Unless we have a system, a method, a process – whatever you want to call it, the outcome is likely to be the same day after day: stressful mess bouncing between other people’s agendas and not getting your most important work done. Sound familiar?

This app has been inspired by proven productivity techniques:

Pomodoro timer: The idea is to work in predetermined blocks of time. To do this, simply break a task up into 25-minute segments without stopping or getting distracted.

Getting Things Done®: Begin with a to-do list for the day and classify tasks according to priority.

You have allocated tasks, time, all under your own terms, you have achieved your goals, performed every task with a sense of quality and you finish every day satisfied. It sounds simple, and it is… in concept, but don’t expect to master this technique right away. It takes weeks of practicing the method day in and day out. It takes discipline. I have strayed at times when overwhelmed, I have reached the end of the week and wondered, “Where did I achieve this week”. It is those weeks when I have failed to be disciplined and failed to use the app. I have let other people’s agendas overrun my own.

Researchers have proven that self-control is one of the key determinants of success. When you exercise self-control and self-discipline through a good part of your day, it cannot help but spill over into other areas of your life… How you eat, sleep and your health and happiness. Stick with it, and you too will be a DayNinja.

Nathan Challen

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