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Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 cases in 2023

The latest foldables from Samsung are here, and the high price tag and flexible screen deserve a protective cover.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is still one of the best phones released this year, even as the new year approaches. Samsung played it safe this year, with minor adjustments to the overall design, while fixing one of the main complaints about foldable phones. Yes, the Fold 5 has a new teardrop-shaped hinge that enables a larger bend radius and a less noticeable crease. It’s not gone completely, and the rest of the foldable manufacturers have caught up, so next year looks to be an interesting one. The other thing the new hinge enables is the two halves to lay flat when closed, meaning you’ll want a good case to cover every inch of your $1,800 investment. Here are my favorites that have come onto the market since the device launched earlier this year.

  • spigen-ultra-hybrid-for-galaxy-z-fold-5

    Spigen Ultra Hybrid for Galaxy Z Fold 5

    Editor’s choice

    Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid case for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 brings not only a unique look to your new foldable with its clear frame and backplate that offers a faux view of your phone’s internals, but it also blends soft TPU material with a hard plastic back for comfortable protection.

  • supcase unicorn beetle pro case for galaxy z fold 5

    Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Case for Galaxy Z Fold 5

    Promoted pick

    In partnership with Supcase

    The Supcase UB Pro has protected many smartphones from damage, and now the Galaxy Z Fold 5 can benefit from its 360-degree protection. It’s got an inbuilt screen protector for the outer screen, TPU for shock absorption, and an S Pen slot for the older S Pen Fold Edition.

  • ringke slim case for galaxy z fold 5

    Ringke Slim case for Galaxy Z Fold 5

    Best value

    $33 $37 Save

    This combo deal from Ringke gets you a slim, transparent case for your Galaxy Z Fold 5, and screen protectors for both the inner and outer screen for less than most cases. The case has raised bezels around the screen and cameras, while the plastic film will protect from scratches and cracks.

  • otterbox thin flex for galaxy z fold5

    Otterbox Thin Flex for Galaxy Z Fold 5


    $42 $60 Save

    Most cases will protect your Galaxy Z Fold 5 from drops or scratches, but this slimline Thin Flex from Otterbox will also protect you from gunk, with an antimicrobial coating. It also has raised TPU bumpers and clear polycarbonate to show off your Fold 5.

  • casetify impact custom case for galaxy z fold 5

    Casetify Impact Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

    Customized pick

    CASETiFY’s Impact case is great on its own, with impact protection and raised bezels for screen protection. You can also customize it with thousands of artworks, graphics, or licensed Co-Lab patterns to create a one-of-a-kind case that’s uniquely you.

  • caseology parallax case for galaxy z fold 5

    Caseology Parallax for Galaxy Z Fold 5

    Textural variety

    $26 $40 Save

    Caseology’s Parallax case range has long been a favorite of our staff, and now it’s available to protect your Galaxy Z Fold 5. The back has a nice geometric raised pattern for added grip, and it lays flat on surfaces. It is missing a hinge protection section, though.

  • spigen-tough-armor-pro-case-for-galaxy-z-fold-5

    Spigen Tough Armor Pro for Galaxy Z Fold 5

    Built-in S Pen slot

    $78 $85 Save

    Spigen’s Tough Armor Pro P is a case that will ensure your Galaxy Z Fold 5 is protected from all angles, and that includes keeping your S Pen safe in a clever hinge door. The new foam technology in the case added extra shock protection so your phone can survive nearly anything.

  • samsung slim s pen case for galaxy z fold 5

    Samsung Slim S Pen Case for Galaxy Z Fold 5

    Official S Pen case

    $75 $100 Save

    Samsung’s first-party slimline case has an integrated S Pen holder that pops the stylus out at the click of a button. That’s pretty cool, and the rest of the case will cover the foldable in perfectly-cut protective plastic.

  • samsung clear gadget case for galaxy z fold 5

    Samsung Clear Gadget Case for Galaxy Z Fold 5

    If attachments are your thing

    $41 $60 Save

    The Samsung Clear Gadget Case has a slimline design with clear plastic to keep your foldable bump-free. It’s also got a gadget attachment point, for ring stands, grips, straps, card holders, or other handy accessories.

  • spigen slim armor pro for galaxy z fold 5

    Spigen Slim Armor for Galaxy Z Fold

    Slim and stylish

    $70 $95 Save

    This case for your Fold 5 has interior pads of shock absorbing foam to keep your delicate foldable protected. It’s also got full hinge protection with a sliding section that moves when unfolded, lays flat on surfaces, and is fully compatible with wireless charging.

  • Makavo Magnetic Case for Galaxy Z Fold 5

    Makavo Magnetic Case for Galaxy Z Fold 5


    Protect your Z Fold 5 with this slim case and add MagSafe compatibility, so you can use the easiest wireless charging system with your foldable. It’s the best of both worlds and makes wireless charging super simple.

  • Vihibii Case with Card Holder  for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

    Vihibii Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

    With card holder

    This rugged case from Vihibii doesn’t just cover every side, including the cover screen, in hard-wearing protection. It’s also got a sliding cover for the rear cameras and a flip-out holder for up to two credit cards for those times you don’t want to carry your wallet.

Closing the book on the best cases for the Galaxy Z Fold 5

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 is one of the best foldable phones, with many of the big-name case manufacturers having options available, from OtterBox, Supcase, and Spigen, to keep it protected. I really like some of the newer cases, like the Makavo, which adds MagSafe charging compatibility to the Fold 5, or the CASETiFY Impact case for its huge swath of customization and collaboration designs. With how dirty our phones get, it’s nice to see the slim OtterBox Flex incorporate anti-microbial protection into the materials used. And for more protection, there’s the ever-reliable Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro, which also has an S Pen holster.

If you prefer to stay first-party, Samsung has a selection of available cases, from gadget accessories that were first released for the Galaxy S23 range to slimline and eye-catching S Pen holders. Once again, Samsung hasn’t included a fast (or any) charger with the Galaxy Z Fold 5. You’ll want to check out our collection of the best chargers for the foldable device if you don’t already have a suitable power source, and you can put another layer of protection on your phone with one of these great screen protectors.

Galaxy Z Fold 5 render

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

Samsung’s latest Galaxy Z Fold 5 is a further refinement of the Z Fold lineup. The smartphone looks similar to past Z Fold iterations, featuring a 7.6-inch main screen and a tall cover screen. On the inside, it’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip and a 4,400mAh battery.

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